Swatching in the round

Hi! I am going to be making some socks and want to do a gauge swatch. Is there a special way to swatch for in the round? The gauge needs to be right because it’s for Socks For Soldiers and they need to fit correctly. If anyone can help that would be great.
I’m going to do a practice pair first so I can work out my bugs with this. Thanks in advance for any help! :muah:

You can just cast on with what you think will work and knit a few inches, let the sock be your swatch. It doesn’t take much more time to knit that than a swatch. To mimic a swatch in the round, cast on about 8 more sts than the gauge/4" calls for, work the first row, slide it across your needle and drape the yarn loosely across the back. Then work the 2nd row and repeat sliding it back to the beginning of the needle. This way is like knitting in the round; the 2-3 edge sts will be very very loose, so don’t count them in the measurement.

I think you’re right, I’ll just cast on and start working the sock. Not too difficult to frog back a few inches if I’m way off! Thanks for the speedy reply! You guys are awesome on here and have helped me tremedously! :muah: