I’ve never knit anything where gauge was really a huge problem, so I’m just curious how many people actually knit, bind off, wash, and block their swatch before measuring for gauge.

I’m a terrible whiner, and that sounds like a lot of work. Plus, I typically want to jump right in on a project, and if I have to wait for a swatch to air dry, that’s a bummer (I know, I know, patience is a virtue, delayed gratification, yadda yadda yadda, all those things I tell my DS).

My only negative gauge experience was my baggy socks, and I hoped they’d shrink when I washed them, but they didn’t. Not a huge problem, because they’re just to wear around the house to keep my feet warm.

So, who washes/blocks/dries and who just swatches and knits? Inquiring minds want to know. It’s kind of like if all my friends jumped off a building I’d probably do it too–just to be cool.

I do, unless it’s a scarf or something where gauge really doesn’t matter.

I thought about this subject too. I’ve done gauge swatches but I’ve never washed them. I’m interested to see what everyone else does as well.

It’s funny Joe…I was just thinking about this same thing! I want to knit a sweater but am too lazy to swatch…I know I’m going to have to…

I’ve never swatched before…typically the things I knit are like you said, “things were gauge doesn’t matter”

Nope, I am guilty as charged~I dont do it either~~although I "know’ better :shrug:

I swatch 99% of the time. Except for scarves my LYS won’t let me walk out with yarn for a sweater, etc without knitting a swatch in case the pattern needs to be adjusted. Doesn’t matter if the pattern was bought there, they still want to see it and will adjust it to my guage at no charge. I LOVE my LYS :slight_smile:

I always swatch, but I NEVER wash and block them–I’m just too lazy! But by the same token, I usually knit with fibers that can only be hand-washed anyway, which doesn’t usually change their structure much.

One exception: I did wash my swatch for a felted bag, so I could see how much it would shrink. :slight_smile:

I knit a lot of things that don’t really need a swatch or that are easier to start knitting and then check and see how it’s going (socks for example).

Unless fit is crucial or I am totally unfamiliar with the yarn, I tend to be able to get a fairly good idea how something will come out. If I’m knitting for kids, I usually make it a size larger anyway for them to grow into.

However, if I’m knitting something like the project I’m about to start, I will do the swatch and wash. It’s a yarn and fiber blend I haven’t used before (so I’m not comfortable on how it will react). It’s a pattern where fit matters (Eris). This will be my first swatch in two years :teehee:

I avoid it when possible, and do it absolutely by the book when I think it’s really needed.

Mama Bear

I agree. Too chicken to completely avoid the swatch; too impatient to wash and dry the swatch.