Swap ideas

I realy want to run a swap. I love them and love seeing what people get. I have three ideas and would like some feedback about what you guys would like.

  1. Spring 2009 swap, starting early so the people get their packages in time for some spring (or Autumn if you’re in the southern hemisphere) knitting.
    Each participant answers a few questions about what they would like to knit for the spring, what they like about spring, the colours etc and their partner gets them some yarn and an appropriate pattern. They can also include any other treats they feel appropriate.

  2. Fearless knitting swap.
    Im sure most of us have things we just haven’t dared knit yet. For me it is an adut size sweater, for some it might be intarsia or simply doing somthing in the round. Whatever our level or skill it seems there is always somthing new for us to try. Therefor the swap parcels would include the yarn and pattern to give people a gentle nudge in the right direction. (e.g. i had always wanted to try two coloured knitting but had hesitated. I got a swap package last year that included a few complementary colours and charts and patterns for some cute two-coloured patterns. I couldn’t resist but give it a go!).

  3. A Dream Yarn Swap (could be narroed down to a specific type of yarn). Always wanted to try Merino? desperate for a cashmere scarf? what is your dream yarn? Tell us and see what treat you get in your swap package.

I chose dream yarn… but honestly I’d do an of them… doing my first swap now and I love it

you left an option off your poll: all of them :wink: :x:

thank you those who voted