Sussing out circs

Being an avid straight needle knitter, circs are a bit of a mystery to me.

If you could choose a particular size and length, which would you recommend and for what.

What’s the best length to knit an adult’s jumper or cardigan with?

If you’re knitting for babies and older children - which length do you use then? Is it a pain using a needle that’s too long?

There’s another thing I’m really curious about - I’ve wondered if people who prefer circs are mainly Continental knitters.

I’d love to know.

You really can’t knit on circs that are too long for your project (unless you’re using them like straights), the stitches become stretched and it’s really quite painful…

Length for a project will really depend on the smallest circumference of a knitted round.

I like using circs (would LOVE a set of KP Options… :S), but I like my straight Casein needles too :smiley: Each have their place :smiley:

I have interchangeable sets, so I am able to use just about any size I need. I am also a BIG fan of the Magic Loop method, I can knit just about any circumference on a 40" cable. I’m thinking of purchasing a 60" for afghan-type projects.

My favorite interchangeable set is the Knitpicks Options set, available from

When I decided to invest in my first Addi Turbo, I got size 7, 40" cable. I went with size 7 because I knit with worsted weight yarn most often, and 7 usually gets gauge for me. I went with the 40" because I knew I could knit adult sweaters in the round with it and could knit any project flat with it. That’s how I chose my first Addi. My first circular needles, though, were Boyes.

I do knit Conti, but I prefer circs because of the weight distribution on the needles, not because of how I hold the yarn.

I’m an English knitter and I love using circs for projects as small as socks to something as large as a sweater for the Hubster!

I will use my circs for knitting flat though I prefer to knit in the round if I can get away with it purely because I’m not a fan of seaming.

Forgot to mention, I’m Continental now, but I started off English (15 years or so) and still preferred circs. I feel the two are unrelated; especially in my experience.

I’m strictly an English knitter, and though I used straights for years, I never pick them up anymore. I only use my circs, even for straight knitting. I find that a 24 or 32 inch needle works best for me for sweaters, depending on the yarn being used. You can always use a circ that’s smaller than the circumference of the project, but never longer if you want to knit in the round.

I like the fact that I never lose my second needle, like I seemed to do in the past everytime I got up–it still happens when I use dpns; and I never drop the second needle. If you’re making something wide on circs, the weight of it is held on the cable rather than the one needle. 18 inches of knitting hanging on the end of a 14" straight needle is a pain in the wrist.

ETA - I had a wide assortment of individual circs before I became aware of the interchangeable sets out there. I’d definitely go for the Options from Knit Picks if I was starting out.

I use my Denise interchangeables for nearly everything. The only current exception is a hat that’s on two circs from before I got the set. I’d say if you’re interested in circs, an interchangeable set is the way to go.