Susie Johns Woodland Animals

Has anyone made Susie Johns Knitted Animals - the squirrel?

I am stuck on the head bit of knitting in the round on double pointed needles?


Welcome to KH!
Can you give us a link to the pattern or can you quote the line that is causing the problem?
If someone hasn’t knit the squirrel, maybe they can figure it out.

sorry Im new to all of this and knitting!

Soo last line that i have done is as follows:-
Row 38:- P2, p2tog, P6, p2togtbl, p2 (12sts) - thats all fine - this piece makes up the main back body upper arms and head of the squirrel - I am now at the nose point of the head of the squirrel.

Pattern says to now:-
transfer sts to two dpn - 6 sts on each needle (got that bit), and place 8 sts from neck end of belly on 3rd dpn (not sure about this bit) - this is the front of the belly and ive done all of this and yes have 8 sts on that dpn needle. I am not sure how to connect these needles into the triangle shape ?
pattern continues as follows:-
With RS facing and using fourth needle to knit with, working in rounds complete front of head as follows:-
I understand the abbreviations and what the next part of the pattern wants me to do - I just don’t get how to connect all the dpn needles together and where to start the knitting from :-

the next bit is
k12, sl1 k1 psso k4 k2tog (18sts) and so forth but its the bit before all of this that i am stuck with. I have looked at you tube clips of knitting in the round on dpn but that just shows casting on and starting a new piece of knitting how do I do this with the 2 pieces i already have - plllllease trying to make this as an xmas present for my beautiful niece who is mad about squirrels

thanks to anyone who can help xx

Sounds like a perfect gift.
For the 3 legs of the triangle you should have 6sts on one needle and 6sts on another needle and this needle has the working yarn coming off it. Then comes the needle with 8sts. Take the needle with the 8sts in your left hand and the 4th needle in your right and begin knitting with the working yarn. You might want to tug slightly on that first stitch to close up the gap between the needles.
You can see the starting point in the upper right in the photo.