Susie Johns Woodland Animals/Squirrel tail help!

What a wonderful forum! I started knitting during lock down and I am loving it but have a problem with this pattern.
On the making up part of the pattern the book only gives instructions for the body and head. I’ve searched the net to see if I can find an alternative pattern but cannot work out from the photos how the tail is made up and attached!
Has anyone experience of this book/pattern who could shed some light
Thanks in advance X

Welcome to the forum!

Several of the knitters on Ravelry have complained about the same thing: the lack of finishing instructions.

They have some interesting suggestions for solving the problem including using pipe cleaners.


Thank you so much for your help! The bushy tail I knitted is fabulously ‘Squirrely’ so I may combine the suggestion of the pipe cleaner within the tail. I can’t wait to get it finished now. I’ll post a picture when he’s completed :blush:


Looking forward to seeing the photo. These little animals are not easy knits so good for you for working out the directions.

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Just a note about pipe cleaners. If the squirrel is for a very young child it can be a safety hazard as it can end up pushing the metal tip through the fabric.

Cute pattern.

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Thank you for the tip. Luckily enough it’s for my Daughter’s boyfriend so in this instance it will be fine :heartpulse:

I’m sure he will love it.
Hope we get to see a pic.

Thank you for all your help!
He’s finally finished!


He is adorable! It’s not an easy knit by any means and you have worked it very neatly. Good going. I’m sure your daughter’s boyfriend will love it.

I live close to one of the few forests where red squirrels still live in the UK so I like seeing a red.