Susan Bates needles

Would anyone who has Susan bates, quicksilver, silvalume and silverado Circular needles be willing to post pictures of the needles, cords and joins?
Alone or next to Addis if you have one?
I am thinking about getting some, not sure which is better and definately can’t tell by the pictures online and they don’t carry them in any stores near me.


I can take pictures when I get home, but the cord on the Addis is much more supple. The tips of the Addis are slicker, but not so much that it’s an overwhelming difference. It’s the cord and the lifetime guarantee that works for me.

Thanks Ingrid and anyone else who posts pictures.
Im really interested in the joins and the size of the cord itself. Along with how subtle the cords are compared to boye not at all vs addis very.

So I am hoping pictures themselves or pictures of you using them smile will help me see how they hang/work/look.

My denise cord is VERY subtle, but WIDE which makes for difficulty with the smallest size sliding.

Plus Addi’s are so dingdang expensive, If I can see the 3 bates types, maybe one is close enough to get me through while I save up :slight_smile:


First off, stay away from the Silvalume if these are the gray coated ones. I think they’re horrible. The yarn doesn’t slide and the join is crimped in the needle so the stitches get caught. I only use them for stitch holders.

I wish I could get better picks, but close ups turn out blurry for me. I’m not sure how helpful they’ll be.

Thank you so much Ingrid for all that work! I appreciate it!


I like the susan bates I have, in part because they’re made in SC, and I try to support local companies as much as I can.

Wow Ingy! Check out your talons!!

Do you find it hard to knit with long nails? (those are long for me but i realize they’re not L-O-N-G). My nails are really strong and grow like weeds but they bug me, especially in the lab when i’m wearing latex gloves more often than not, so i cut them off… completely wasted on me.


No, they don’t get in the way. They do grow long and strong since I stopped using nail polish and have been taking vitamins. I find they do get too long to type, so I cut them for this other obsession!

I :heart: Susan Bates needles, too. However, mine say they are made in Mexico even though Greenville, SC is also mentioned as a distributor location.

I believe the needles in the “stay clear” photos are Boye interchangeables. They look like mine.

They’re not interchangeables, though. They were purchased separately and they’re not supposed to come apart. There was someone recently who said that Lionbrand needles fell apart in her knitting. These could be them. :thinking:

The ends are metal. I just looked at the Lion Brand, and they look like plastic. :??

The join on the “stay clear” photo looks like the join on my Boye interchangeable needles…also the point looks the same… very sharply tapered…need to use thimble-its with them. Probably they are the Boye regular circulars.

I just looked them up and that’s what they are! :thumbsup:

Quiet Heart,
I have been using Susan Bates quicksilver knitting needles for over
25 years. I would not use anything else!
Hope this helps.

I just got my first set of Denise Interchangeables (the store was out of Knit Picks, and I needed some instant gratification), and I am pleased with them. I also have plenty of addi’s, and recently bought a pair of Size 13 [B]Silvalume’s[/B]. Mine do say made in SC (and I like that the Denise’s are also made in USA), and they may have made an improvement on the silvalume production as the join is perfectly smooth on the pair that I have and does not have a crink where the needle and cord come together.

I love my addi’s, that’s for sure, and look forward to getting knit picks some day. In the meantime, I can only say positive things about my new pair of size 13 silvalume’s that I just bought. I’m on my second project with them. I do agree with Ingrid; they are slightly less ‘slick’ than the addi’s… I can get over it, but I noticed the same thing as well. And I also like the fact that addi’s have a guarantee, as one time, I actually did have a cord separate from a needle, took it back to the store, and it was replaced immediately.