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Hey all,

I am about to start learning how to knit and I need a shopping list of the basics. I would like suggestions…everything from “stuff you can’t knit without” to “stuff I wish I had when I started” and including “stuff i just love and you will too.”

I have always been fascinated by knitting and used to watch my grandmother do it. It’s always been on my list of things to try and I’m finally getting around to it. I am a full time college student and I work two jobs (related to my field of study) so I am stressed out often…and I figured this would help me manage my stress and take my mind off of things occasionally.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’m glad I found this forum before I began so that I can have resources and not give up.


Some basic info here.

If you’re strapped financially, you might want to look into recycling thrift sweaters to harvest yarn. Related groups in Yahoo, LiveJournal, Ravelry, posts on Craftster, here and other sites. Those of us who do it find it very relaxing and nets you lots of yarn for cheap.

Ndls and other supplies can be found at yard sales, thrift stores, ebay, freecycle, etc. You can also make do by using items you already have in lieu of purchasing (there are online threads that list hundreds on sugg on what to use).

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New recycle tut

Existing KH thread on supplies


I’d suggest the Options needles from Knitpicks. For $60 you get a veeery nice set of interchangeable circular needles (used for straight or in the round).

A basic set of crochet hooks is good to have around, too, for grabbing dropped stitches and such.

If you don’t want to buy a lot of stuff yet, you really only need yarn, needles, a yarn needle, and a crochet hook. For yarn, don’t get anything too thin. Worsted weight, or thicker. Also, get yarn that is pretty smooth in texture, and a light color. Light colored yarn makes it easier to see individual stitches. Yarn usually has a recommended needle size on the wrap, I’d just go with what they say. Worsted weight yarns are usually size 8 US, as a guideline. Get a crochet hook similiar to the diameter of the knitting needles.

For needles, material wise, I’m not sure how much it matters for your first piece because you’re not sure of your tension yet. Once you start, if you realize that you knit tightly, metal needles allow the yarn to slide easier. If you knit loosely, plastic or bamboo grips the stitches better.

I go along with with PCWombat wrote, only I’d suggest using size 10s with the worsted, just to start with. But yep, basically all you need is needles, yarn and a tape measure.

Hello and welcome to the forum! I also always wanted to learn how to knit and only started learning Oct. 2007. But I’d say basically all you really need is smooth light colored worsted weight yarn (or thicker) and knitting needles (I started with US size 10 bamboo).

I had some metal knitting needles from earlier attempts but found the bamboo much easier for me to learn on, but that could have been because the bamboo needles had been much shorter then the metal ones I had. So I suggest that whatever needles you get make sure they are not too long. I also had a tapesty needle to weave in yarn ends, scissors, and a tape measure. But basically all you need is the knitting needles and yarn.

Hi and welcome to KH. You are going to love it here. It will become addictive for you, as will knitting. I hope you enjoy your new hobby!

It would depend on your finances. I often times recomment a “knitting accessory” kit from Mary Maxim. It has everything in it you need for knitting (except yarn, needles and the measuring tape) all in one small flat case that fits in the bottom of most knitting bags. It is on sale right now at for $10.00. I think I have a picture of it here on the computer and will post it for you. The kit includes folding scissors, darning needles (both metal and plastic, large and small), 2 sets of point protectors, bobbins (large and small), plastic stitch markets, row counters (large and small), needle threader, stitch holders and a needle gauge. As I said before, the only other thing you would need is a measuring tape, yarn and needles.

Good Luck!

I agree with everyone!

  1. KnitPick OPTIONS (I recommend [U]Harmony[/U] rather than the nickel set)
  2. a medium size crochet hook
  3. a yarn needle
  4. worsted wt yarn
  5. scissors

The KnitPicks HARMONY OPTIONS will come in a pouch that will hold your doo-dads, too.

:waving: Welcome!

If you have never knitted before, I would suggest to wait a little before you buy a set such as the Options, Harmony or the Denise kit. I’ve been knitting for years, I don’t have any of these sets, and I do fine, although I must admit I do want one! :teehee: It’s entirely possible you won’t like knitting as much as you thought, or you’ll like it for 3-4 months and then move to something else. There is nothing wrong with that, it happens! Also, you don’t know at this point if you prefer metal, bamboo or resin.

Like PCwombat said, I would suggest to get one pair in size 10 (bamboo or resin is probably good to start), some yarn and try it! Once you have 1-2 projects done with these needles and know a few skills, do a project that requires another size of needles, try a different type (metal, for instance) and add a new skill. After that, if you’re addicted like the rest of us, :teehee: it could be a good moment to consider buying the Options, Harmony or the Denise Set. But that’s just my opinion, it’s up to you! :thumbsup:

I like the recommendations. For those of you in Canada looking for a knitting accessory kit,, has what you are looking for. I started my 6 yr. old son off with 6mm bamboo needles - they are great as they do not slip out of the yarn.

Good luck!:knitting:

That’s the one I showed the picture of in my post ^ above, khaosx5. It is great and has most of the things she will need, with the exception of the measuring tape. Mary Maxim is also in the US. I believe the store is in Port Huron, Michigan, but they do ship all over the country. I am in Canada and have the good fortune to be able to visit Mary Maxim by car when the mood strikes. It’s a great place to get knitting supplies.

I’m intrigued but I can seem to find it on the site. Is this an in-store only kind of thing? :pout:

[I]Edited to add:[/I] Never mind, I found it in the Canadian store. I guess it’s not available in the US one.

I looked online for this kit and couldn’t find it. can you point me in the right direction on their site?

It is listed under Knitting accessories on the site. I think there is a search box at the top of the page. Type in knitting accessories. If you can’t find it on that site, try and see if you can find it on that site under Knitting accessories. I am in Canada so I never really thought it would not be available in the US. The Canadian store would probably ship it to you in the US if you asked them to.