Super Soft Yarn?

What would be a super soft yarn for a scarf? Not sure what pattern I’m going to use, definitely something with cable(s) - but I know it will need to be super, super soft. Any recommendations?

If you’re looking for easy care (throw in the washer and dryer), I’d go with Caron Simply Soft. It’s soft when you’re knitting and gets a bit softer with washing. Contrary to what a lot of people have said, I’ve also had good luck with Red Heart Super Saver. It’s a bit harsh to knit with, but after laundering, it doesn’t feel like the same stuff…not as soft as Caron’s SS, but (IMHO) a bit bulkier and warmer, and soft enough.
I don’t use animal fibers, so can’t advise on those - sorry.

I love malabrigo for scarves! It feels so nice next to the skin. And it is so nice to knit with. You can definitely get good deals on it if you look online.

I concur with Malabrigo. It absolutely has no ‘prickles’ when worn on bare neck skin. And, beyond the finished product, knitting with it makes you sigh.

Another very soft yarn is [U]anything[/U] with alpaca in the mix. :heart:

You also can’t go wrong with cashmere. cloud9

I think all the suggestions are good ones… I love Malabrigo!
I just wanted to toss out there another idea. I just used some Moda Dea Washable Wool for the first time for some slipper socks (both AC Moore and Michael’s carries it in my area) and was pleasantly surprised at how soft and squishy it was.

I have made a lot of scarves… the softest one I have is made with the plymouth alpaca baby grande , it is also very thick , so I knit a scarf that is mistake rib on 11’s… it is sooo fluffy…, it is for warm weather, not decoration, but when I had it on the other day in the yarn store everyone was loving the yarn… yes alpaca is incredible, just expensive…There is another cheaper yarn at michaels called “Rumors” it makes up a nice thick soft scarf too.I think there is some alpaca in it…Caron simply soft is wonderful you can always double it to make it heftier if you need too…The malabrigo is woderful too, so many choices, but I think Alpaca is the softest… Have fun deciding!!

I’ve knitted a few scarves using Plymouth Yukon yarn, it is very soft, too. It is 35% mohair.

Malabrigo is great. I also really like the Misty alpaca.

i’m semi-sensitive to some animal fibers and while i do agree that alpaca is very soft to the touch, in my experience it is soooo prickly feeling when i put it up to my neck. with anything you end up choosing, i would recommend swatching it first, washing it, and seeing how it feels against your skin.

i have had very good luck with merino (malabrigo especially is soooo soft) and caron simply soft if you like acrylic. i also really like the debbie bliss cashmerino line. can’t go wrong with cashmere and merino blends!

I am going to second the caution with alpaca. I made myself the most beautiful scarf (that’s IMO, judge for yourself) with Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (100% alpaca). It was wonderful to work with and feels exceptionally soft to the touch. However, it can be prickly on my neck, and I am not terribly sensitive. I made a similar scarf for DH out of Queensland Collection Uruguay DK (70% Merino, 20% Alpaca and 10% Silk). At first I felt bad because the yarn wasn’t as soft to the touch as the Inca Alpaca. Then I borrowed his scarf once and realized that it is actually softer because it doesn’t have the little wispy pokey hairs.

This yarn is super soft. It’s half camel hair. MMMMMmmmmmm

i did 2 soft scarves for my sisters this holiday and i recommend patons divine.

Wow - thanks everybody for all the responses! I’m going to test swatch this weekend to see how the cable works out, then hopefully pick a yarn.


I second the camel hair. I made a sweater and a pair of socks from a 50% camel 50% lambs wool yarn and I love, love, love them. I find myself petting the sleeve of the sweater when I wear it.

I started out with a pattern from my LYS “Blithe Striped Scarf” This is for my DD. It is knit with two strand of Blithe 100% Baby Camel yarn. My D.D. did not like the pattern so I froged and started over. She wanted a skinny, long scarf. I just knit in garter st. I made it 8 ft. long so she can wear it like in the pictures. FYI, I cast on 260 st’s. It is 25 rows wide. This is about the softest yarn I’ve worked with.

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If you dont want animal try jo-ann stores sensations OMG it’s so soft!.

My experience is exactly the same, and my advice is the same, too. Another suggestion is Frog Tree Merino. It’s highly underrated, but as soft as Malabrigo but overall a better deal because of the yardage. Not hand-dyed, though.

For animal fibers that are machine washable, I recommend Karabella Aurora 8, which is a dream to knit with and because of the way it’s plied surprisingly durable for a machine washable merino.