Super help please!

Hey!!! Wel, I am knitting a scarf, on size 10 needles, and about 24 stitches wide and I need some help on how to knit as fast as I can so I can get this thing done BEFORE Christmas Eve. I need some major tips and I barely started! Thank you guys! Message quick please!!!

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I don’t think anyone can tell you how to learn how to knit faster in that amount of time. All I can suggest is larger needles and knit a lot.

Are you a beginner?

You just need to keep knitting, if you have appointments knit in the waiting room, knit on the bus, knit on breaks at work, knit all evening.

There are methods of knitting faster but even these take time to learn to be come faster in so at this point it would slow you down to stop and try to learn a new technique.

Try to not knit too tightly either because it slows you down to keep digging your needles into tight stitches.

You could always learn to add a button hole and make a cowl that buttons around the neck instead of a long scarf so it is completed sooner.

With a looser knit you might not need buttonholes, some sizes of buttons would fit through the stitches.

Buttonholes? :??

Ok guys, thanks, but I am just knitting at the top of my head, no pattern watsoeva. And, yeah, I am only 13, so I am not EXACTLY going to many places…Thanks! Grouphug LOL!:grphug:



I think maybe she thought she was replying to a different post or possibly she read yours wrong. :wink: I read so many I do that a lot.:teehee:

No, newamy was suggesting buttonholes so you could make it a shorter scarf, more like a neckwarmer and button the ends together. There’s a lot of patterns that do that. I was suggesting you might not need buttonholes if the gauge is loose enough, you could find buttons that would fit through the stitches.

Ohh… duh. :doh:

That’s okay Jan, have some more eggnog… :teehee:


Hi! :muah:

About knitting faster…

You’re actually learning a skill that will enrich your life and the lives around you forever, well beyond this Christmas. BUT, I know you want to get your project done before Thursday.

Meghan, just concentrate on knitting more smoothly. Streamline your movements so that you’re just gliding along, concentrating on keeping your shoulders loose and your muscles relaxed.

I decided this year that I wanted to practice knitting faster so that I could get lots more projects done but found that if I thought “fast” I’d tense up. Now I just think about keeping relaxed and streamlining my movements so that they’re as small as possible.

It helped me to learn the continental method also. That really speeds things up. Here’s a great video on that…

So relax and good luck!

Ruthie :hug:

I took a knitter’s “speed test” last year. Ack. The more I tried to knit faster…the worse it got!
I do better when I’m not trying to knit [I]FAST! [/I]

Anyway, on to some help: if you are using a worsted weight yarn: with a US15 needle and garter stitch…cast on about 16 stitches and away you go! This creates a very lacy appearance!
Very nice! I’ve knit about 4 scarves like this!

In this scarf, I held a strand of dk cotton together with a “flag yarn”.
(Flag yarn is a string with thingies on it!)

Here’s the blue one:

If you want to use a bulky wt yarn, go up to a size 17 or 19 needle! And cast on just 12 stitches! And away you go. My daughter is working on these type of scarves for gifts right now! She’s smokin’!

:muah: Well, guys, thank you bunches! I have about 1 more scarf to go and i am almost done! I have knitted 14 so far!!! Awesome, thanks to you guys, I think I can finish! Love you all,

-Still working hard…:knitting: