Super Easy Knit Baby Hoodie

I am working on Dianne Jones’ Super Easy Knit Baby Hoodie and have a question. The instructions have you knit each piece (back, left front, right front) casting off after each is complete then seaming them together. However, the buttonhole band instructions say with the front piece facing, pick up and knit 50 stitches evenly between neck edge and lower edge. How is this done since the piece is already completed and cast off?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

After you cast off all the pieces you would sew them together. Then take an end of yarn and begin picking up sts along the front edge. There’s a video for that here. Pretend the left edge is the left needle and insert the R needle as if you’re knitting the edge sts.

You’re going to be picking up the stitches after its completed. There is a video under tips on picking up stitches and knitting. You generally won’t be picking up one for one though. The row to stitch gauge is different. Does your pattern give instructions on what they want you to do?

The part she mentioned said to pick up 50 stitches, so that would be something to aim for.

It helps also to divide the length of the front between the neck edge and the lower edge into sections, say 4 equal sections and then pick up 12-13sts in each section. That way, your picked up sts will be approximately evenly distributed along the front.

Yep, you’re both right. I saw that, but I was just pointing that out. For most sweaters I’ve done you do the button band at the same time.

I like the buttonbands knit as part of the fronts but I have to admit that I invariably have to rip back and put in a missed buttonhole!