Super-easy eyelet border dishcloth: failure to plan!

For this week’s round of Friday night TV, I decided to do dishcloths. (The housemate is taking the GMAT tomorrow, so the TV watching was very low-volume and closed captioned. I had to keep my eyes on the screen. Plus I have a cone of Sugar 'n Cream I have to get out of my stash.) My grandma has been making these diagonal garter stitch dishcloths for my mom for ages; they just have a two-stitch border, then eyelets, then garter stitch the whole way. Perfect brainless knitting.

Or so I thought.

I got to halfway across the cloth and said to myself, “Excellent, time to start decreasing!” And then I said, “But how do I make the eyelets when I’m decreasing?” And I didn’t have an answer for that. :doh:

I searched for a pattern, but either I have offended the Google gods or this pattern is universally acknowledged to be too stupid to require a write-up. I would call my grandma, but she’s almost certainly been asleep for several hours.

Oh wise ones :notworthy: , how shall I continue making eyelets on the decrease side of this meager dishcloth? (Is there a better way than yo, k2tog twice on each side?)

Here it is!!!


Thank you!!! :muah: :notworthy: :hug:

Now I will be able to sleep tonight, or at least have dreams about more interesting stitch patterns… :wink: