Super Easy Baby Bib

Hello darlings!!
I knit the Baby Bib from the Mason-Dixon book in Peaches and Cream cotton (Color #201 - Sea Mist).

This was a super fast, super easy knit, and in honor of the KH Monthly Challenge for August, I knit it all Continental ( :cheering: )

There are some great easy patterns in the book, as many of you may already know, and this bib could have SO many variations of color and style because the construction is so basic. I added a button I really like, but you could do snaps. I also stitched on a little tag that says “Handmade for a Special Little Boy” - it’s for my nephew coming in November.

*Note: There is an error in the pattern for the bib in the first printing of the book, and you can find the fix on the Errata Page.

There is a Knit a Long for the items in this book, which I may just join.

Happy knitting everyone!!

Very nice.

It’s a fun book.

I have made four of the MD bibs. I post my Mason Dixon projects on the Knit-a-long, just follow the instructions and you can join up.

Wonderful job, Marce! It is great to have simple projects like this! I love the way the color worked up!

I love how those colors fell together! Funny how that happens sometimes!

A-dorable! And, I love the cute little tag!

And :cheering: for trying something different and knitting continental!

How cute! Love the tag on it!

Beautiful! I knitted some of those for my niece’s baby shower gift, along with some burp rags. They are super fun, and easy. The perfect project to practice conti on. I tried it, but my thumbs got numb, and I had to go back to english style.

I love the label.

So cute. I love the label! :muah:

:cheering: :cheering: WTG Miss Conti Knitter :cheering: :cheering: Looks good, loving the label :cheering:

I love the colors! I think these bibs are so adorable - what a nice gift. Looks like it’s seen the peas and grape juice already. :rofl:

Thank you so much everyone!! :heart:

I love sharing this stuff with you other wonderful knitters! I highly recommend this project for keeping your fingers busy during a movie or a road trip, etc. Mindless knitting with a practical, useful result.

If anyone else has knit any of the other patterns from this book and wants to offer a recommendation (or a warning) about them, please share them over at my [color=brown]KH Blog[/color]. I plan to have this book out from the library for a while :teehee: