super duper beginner... how hard it is to knit this?

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Hi! I saw these high waisted knit shorts online (they sell for $210) and it sorta inspired me to make my own? when i say im a beginner i mean like i just ordered my first balls of yarn and needles from amazon 5 minutes ago. I’m confident that i could knit a blanket but how about these shorts? does this look like it was knitted in
two pieces and then closed together? how would the leg holes be made? also how long would this take? Sorry for so many questions, any help is appreciated! :grin:

First… if you saw them online they might have been knit by machine. That’s insanely expensive though.

It might be a bit much for a beginner, but some people do start with hard things. However, you really need a pattern to knit garments unless you are at least a somewhat experienced knitter. This pattern will include knits, purls, increases and decreases. It may included short rows for shaping.

Take a look at Ravelry for patterns. Also there are tons of places to buy yarn online other than Amazon.

I think it would be fairly easy to figure out from that picture and measurements. Probably not for a complete beginner for obvious reasons.

If your goal is to not knit from patterns I suggest the book Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti.
It’s not a sweater but it will tell you about how to make things fit what you want.

I have seen patterns online for things like the baby shorts, take a look at pinterest