Super Advanced Men's Sweater?

does anyone know of a really complicated mens sweater pattern? I want to make myself a really impressive sweater this year. Are there any insanely advanced patterns out there that I can spend a great portion of this year on?

Just so you know, I want a sweater with lots of cables… not just simple rope cables, but big complex motifs and knots and such… and maybe colorwork too. But it seems like every pattern I find is not very stylish. Any men’s cabled sweater I find online is made to be pretty baggy which I don’t like. I want something fitted… is there anything out there? Or do I just have to start designing one?

your best bet would be to look for older pattern books that have aran sweater patterns on them. They would have trees of life patterns and braided cables bobbles popcorn, etc. etc. I don’t think a lot of the newer books have very many of the old complicated aran patterns from the 60’s and 70’s Look for old bernat books

I made my boyfriend a cycling aran that was fitted. It had a very nice cabling on the front and ribbing in the back. He cycles so hence why i made it. you can modify the pattern to add more cables if you want a more complicated stitch. I think its complicated while still being stylish.

You can probably find some nice advanced designs by Rowan or Alice Starmore or Vogue Knitting. Good luck!

There might be something you’d like on this page:

And here are some vintage men’s pattern books for sale on Etsy:

My Sandy, was that ever a flash from the past! Love those '70 hair styles!

Garn Studio has an awesome mens (free) collection.

:teehee: I love those vintage knitting books. I actually own one of those books, and often laugh out loud at their poses and styles. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but Sandy, there hasn’t been a decent men’s sweater pattern since those days ya know. They’ve all been the ol’ “sheesh let’s just give the guys something for the ladies to knit for em, they ain’t gonna wear em anyway” kinda thing. I really haven’t seen a men’s knit that a “man” would actually want to wear for a long long time. Not saying that they aren’t out there, it’s just that there just aren’t very many wearable knittables for men these days.:knitting:
This has been a broadcast of the opinionated ol’ lady knitters channel… lmao rofl:roflhard: :knitting: Sorry couldn’t resist:aww:

[COLOR=black][COLOR=black]Janet Szabo has some great patterns:[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black]I made a sweater with her help during the knit along. Here is the link to the knit along instructions:[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=black]It was the most satisfying knit I have ever done. I learned so much!!![/COLOR]

There were some ladies who knit for sweaters for the men in their life. The great thing about the knit along was it taught you how to design a sweater with cables you like and the sweater fits perfect in the end (if you follow the instructions and make the swatch and wash it.:wink: )

Cobbie :slight_smile: [/COLOR]

Fibrenut, you are so right! I have wanted to knit a sweater for my hubby, but haven’t found much that he would be willing to wear. I do have the vintage pattern books though, but he is a plus-size guy, and there is nothing in the books that will fit him.

So, hopefully he’ll lose enough weight so that I can make one of the good sweaters.

You can upsize a pattern by knitting with a larger needle, or figuring the number of sts difference between 2 sizes and going up a size or two worth, or use both methods.

I’m making this sweater for myself right now- it’s unisex, even though the model in the picture is a woman.