Sunday Morning KAL-RIGHT NOW!


Would anyone like to join me in the Knit-Chat to talk and knit at the same time? Right now?


I logged in chat at 10:45, Lulu was there, but left one minute before I entered. Is that you? I don’t really know how to use the chat feature…


No, I logged off shortly after 10:00. It shows your Username as your chat name… it would be cool to do a Friday Night Knitting Circle in the chat, though!

for me it depends on the time… I already have my SNB group on friday nights and that goes until 10…

then i wait 5 hours for my dh to get out of work… so if ic an get net access and not have my laptop battery die on me…

Ok, thanks for your vote… anyone else interested/willing to run it?

I’d probs stop by if anyone happens to be around before I go to bed but I’m on GMT so it depends how early you start. I do tend to stay up til about 1 or 2am on Fridays though so I might manage to catch you.

I would love to but it would depend on the time. I have my DGS on most friday nights but he goes to bed around 8:00p. I don’t usually stay up very late though.