Sun Sickness

I spent too much time out in the hot San Antonio sun Saturday. It took several hours to load and secure this load and the sun was brutal the whole time.

I got sunburned on my arms and shoulders (I was wearing a tank top). The burn isn’t too bad, just enough to sting a bit and be annoying. The worst part was that by the time I finished securing the load I felt like I was about to drop.

I was feeling extremely tired, weak, light-headed, and sick. I pounded down as much Gatorade as I could stomach and that helped some, along with spending time in my air conditioned rig, but today I am still feeling very tired and a little sick.

I drove as far as I could and am now in norther OK. I just didn’t feel like going any more and checked into a motel for the night. I’ll treat the sunburn and try to rest. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

I should be at the delivery tomorrow but am not going to make it. They’ll just have to settle for Tuesday as I am not feeling well enough to actually care.

At least I have my knitting.

I hope you feel better soon :hug::hug:

Hmmm - doesn’t sound too good and I suppose the sunburned skin is the least of it.

Similar thing happened to me in Johannesburg, after I’d been living there a few months.

Luckily the doctor’s surgery was nearby and he told me my blood pressure had gone very low due to the heat. Gave me an injection of some sort but I can still remember that nasty, faint, feeling.

Seems you’re doing the best thing by having a rest and being in a cooler place (I hope).

Hope that you’ll be feeling better very soon.

Sounds like heat exhaustion. I got it one time during a motorcycle class. Make sure you drink ALOT of fluids, not just Gatorade but also water. Don’t drink any alcohol. Eat a light meal and rest in the cool. If you don’t feel any better or feel worse by all means see a doctor. Ibuprofen can help too.

Thanks folks. I just had another nice cool shower. It helped a lot. I’m sitting right in front of the room’s ac unit which feels pretty good.

Yeah, heat exhaustion is the correct term for it, we just always called it sun sickness.

Being a soccer mom, I’ve often felt this way too. We often have very long days outside. I have learned that I have to drink a ton throughout the day to ensure I don’t get this sick. I don’t think it’s so much about the sunburn as it is the actually removal of fluids from your body.

Put some ice packs on key points on your body (neck, wrists, behind your knees). That will help get your body temperature regulated quicker.

Hope you feel better soon!

I broke out in hives a couple times when we were in Hawaii from the sun. It’s amazing what it can do to you. Drink lots of water and get some rest. And knit. :thumbsup:

I am very norweigian, have fair skin and blonde hair and can hardly stand the sun for more than 5 min or so. Even in the winter standing in direct sun for a bit will make me dizzy. I agree with the ice packs, and a cool bath always helps. If that happens again, take a break every 30 min or so in air cond for just a few min drinking water. It can really help just to sit and cool down for a few. coffee will dehydrate you as well. So if you drank a bunch of coffee in the morning, I have been told that in the summer you need 1 glass of water per cup of coffee to keep a hydrated balance. Same is true for alchohol. So if you have a nightcap before bed, even in air cond, make sure to chase it with water.

Thanks folks.

Normally when working out in the sun like that I take frequent breaks to sit in the air conditioned truck and drink fluids. This situation, there was another truck waiting for me to finish so he could load, so I was trying to get everything done so he wouldn’t have to wait so long. Still took 4 hours though.

Feel better Mason!:hug:

I hope you are feeling better.

The sun can be tricky!

I experienced heat exhaustion about a month ago. I didn’t feel well for several days - headache, fatigue, body aches, fever, chills, nausea - it was awful! It took about 2 weeks before I had any energy whatsoever.

I was told to rest, drink plenty of fluids (water & sports drinks, no caffeine) and to eat salty foods (I guess to help retain the fluids since I was dehydrated).

Heat exhaustion is bad stuff, so take good care of yourself!

Thanks again folks. Still feeling out of sorts but a little better.

I felt funky for awhile afterward. Take it easy for awhile. The paramedic that helped me told me you can relapse if you stress your system too soon afterward. He also told me that you are more susceptible to heat exhaustion again after a bout of it.

I work at a Summer camp, with kids who have NO skills at hiking OVERdoing it (way to often)
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