Sun hat

Hi all,

I’m currently knitting this:

Enyone else made it or wants to knit with me?

Is there a printed pattern? I’d make it big enough to fit me I think. Would that be OK? I have a hat I don’t like and plan to reuse the yarn to make another.

I couldn’t find the written pattern free of charge. So, l wrote it onto paper myself. I’m making it larger too. Number of stitches should multiply by 8 so I’ve started with 160 instead of 144. Also, I’m using slightly larger needles (4.5 mm).

You already started. Darn. I just started The Parlor Cat and want to work on it first. :sad: No wonder I make a rotten KAL participant.

That’s OK GG, no rush. Better for you actually because I can tell you little tips at the end. I’m curious to see what it comes out like, that’s why I’m doing it a bit quicker - l don’t usually knit that fast. I also have to do a little cell phone bag for my daughted before her birthday end of June.

I’ve never done a KAL before myself. :thumbsup:

I’ve done one KAL. I still need to deal with the loose ends. :gah: There are so many, there are FOUR! :teehee: I’ve intended to do others but…

I look forward to seeing your progress, post a pic soon please. I will be more than happy to accept your gracious offer of enlightenment. :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a picture onto the link below of my progess so far because I’m going to undo most of it. It didn’t come out good. :disappointed:If curls up near the inside and the brim falls on the eyes when l tried it on. So, l want to undo most of it and widen to double the garter stitch rows - maybe even do it in seed stitch and then follow the pattern for the decrease.

I’ve finished my sun hat about 3 weeks ago. Then had to rush on and finish another project. Please see picture in the link below.

It came out OK except 2 things:

  1. the brim falls too much. Not sure how that can be improved except if I add some metal wire to the edge of it.

  2. the tip of the hat decreases too quickly and causes a wrinckle effect. (But my hat WAS done bigger).

Thanks for suggestions anyone has about the brim.


It looks like the picture of the hat in the video is a little wrinkly at the decreases too. I wonder if you could decrease the number of sts in the brim and knit it with the yarn doubled or maybe increase a few sts and go to a smaller needle? It would take a bit of fiddling with the pattern.
Did you use the Sugar n Cream yarn or something else?
I like your version. Lovely work.

I think the best decrease would have been: 1 row decrease next row knit through to the end.

I used recycled cotton from two machine-made jumpers I pulled out.