Summertime Cardi

Holy smokes! That is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! You should be SO very proud of yourself! Great job!

So pretty. I definately need to make that! :inlove:

Ohhhh !!! That is pretty !!! :sun:

Wow! That is gorgeous! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous! That is so on my list :slight_smile:

Holy Moly that’s nice! :notworthy:

Oh my gooshness, that looks complicated. Go you :cheering:

That is absolutely amazing! I hope to be able to knit something like that someday too!

Just Beautiful. I looked at it the other day and actually thought about it later. Made quite an impression on me.

I hope someday I’ll be able to make something like that.

That is beautiful, well done.

I have only been knitting for just over two months…and so far knitted for new born babies and dolls…cant wait to knit something like that :cheering:

What a lovely gift!! You did a terrific job!! :thumbsup:

:yay: BRAVO!! :yay: That is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! :notworthy:

Nadja xxx

Beautiful pattern and lovely work!

Wow… I so want to dig into a big project and can really only take on things I can drag around easily right now, this sweater really makes me want to do more though!

Really beautiful!

Mama Bear