Summertime Cardi KAL - AKA We Have No Idea What We're Doing!

Okay, I am going to start this cardigan as a gift for my mom for mother’s day. Anyone want to join me? I bought yarn from this site called Filatura Lanarota Royal Linen in Blush. I am pretty sure that yarn is discontinued, so I bought a lot!

I will start as soon as my yarn arrives. I am very nervous as this project is definitely kicking it up a notch compared to what I have done before.

Okay, there’s been a lot of comments about how hard this looks. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING either, so don’t be afraid. I have learned so much from the projects I have tried that have pushed me past the limits of my skills. Come on, join me!

Here is the pic:

That’s a beautiful sweater! I’m already doing the sweater KAL right now, but I think this might be a bit over my head at this point anyway. :rollseyes:

BTW…your yarn link to goes to a bunch of different yarns.

Ooops! I’ll fix the link.

This is way over my head too, but that has been the only way I have learned so far, so I am going for it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The link it still the same. :?? Maybe you should just tell us what you got. :roflhard:

That is what I just did SMAR-T-PANTS! :thumbsup:

:oops: Oops! [size=1]… running to get more coffee…[/size]

That sweater is just beautiful! I wish I could join right now…:frowning:

Well, I have to make it, even though there aren’t any takers for the KAL. I guess I’ll be an expert by the time someone else can join. Now if only my yarn would ARRIVE!

Carmen–I just got frustrated w/ the stupid bunny pattern…I don’t think I could handle this or I’d be right there with you…it’s really beautiful…I try to kick it up a notch here and there too to learn but lately thats been biting me in the butt…

The knitting experience is so interesting! I have had trouble on the EASIEST of patterns and then breezed through things that should be hard. I never know what will happen when I start a new pattern. I think I like that about knitting. It truly is an adventure.

I know what you mean…I do like that about it…I’m just restless with it lately…I’m hoping the socks I plan to start next will help with that.

Good luck w/ this–I can’t wait to see pics…it really is beautiful!

Okay, my yarn arrived and I am starting to swatch. The pattern is a small, so it will be interesting to see how my swatching turns out. I sort of need something in between a small and medium. As much as the pattern reads difficult, the basic pattern does not look all that complicated. These patterns that are translated can seem strange, but once you get over the language issue, it makes sense.

I CANNOT find some of my boye needlemaster set. It’s driving me CRAZY!

Okay, so I started my swatch today, and I am so glad because I needed practice on the pattern. Check out how jacked up I made it! But anyway, a little more swatch and then I am off and going.

Lovely swatch! It shows that the yarn is really going to show that pattern well. :inlove:

Yes, very nice yarn choice! The swatch looks great!

WOW!!! Killer sweater, and the yarn does show the pattern well. I have too much on my list to get into the KAL, but I will be checking to see your wonderful WIP.

I’m feeling like this is a cross between a “Watcha Knittin’” post, a “blog” and a “Knit Along”. Anyway, the pattern is a little messed up on my swatch, but I have it down now and can start it. So far, it seems to be one of those patterns that looks much harder than it is.

Kni-TING with my self, OH OH OH, Kni-Ting with my-seeeelf.

Anyway. The guage was a little small and I was having trouble measuring the swatch, which they made me do in pattern. But it still looked a little small, so I am re-swatching. I have never been much for swatching, so I am enjoying the process. I hope to start the pattern itself tonight.

I have started the left front piece. I have been decreasing to fit the waist and am just about ready to start increasing again for the boobies! :slight_smile:

That lace pattern is gorgeous! :inlove: