Summer Tank KAL (was Mud Flap Girl)

We discussed this in another post in the main forum but I though maybe we should make it official and let everyone know incase they didn’t happen to open that thread (since we derailed the original thread)

Hey Nuno. I think the general consensus was that we would start a knit-a-long in May and folks would knit the tank of their choice. Do you want to start earlier? I don’t see why we couldn’t have people starting at different times. If you want, I can probably start in about two weeks. I decided to knit this tank: in Classic Elite Provence yarn (which I LOVE). :inlove: I’m planning to do it in a bright pink.

Let me know.



Yeah, I had planned the May date :happydance: I don’t think I could start before then

Hi, I’m new here, but I’m totally in if you guys do a tank top knit-along! I will be doing either Mudflap Girl or the Front-slit Tank from Interweave Online…

I’m so excited! Do I need to keep my eyes open for a start date or will somebody collect everyone and notify us? Not sure how y’all are working this one…

kirsten :XX:

Hi Kirsten,

I think May 1 is the official start date. I’m sure we will discuss it here more as the time gets closer. This will be my first sweater, not to mention the first thing I will knit for myself. So, I’m excited, too. :smiley:


I’m in also. I just need to find a tank top pattern in a toddler size first, so far no luck.

I am going to do the mud flapper girl tank!! Yeah baby!!!

Is anyone shocked by this choice?? :lol:

omg Gardenia!! ROFL! That just made me sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh. Am I really that transparent?? :smiley:

nope, it’s just predictible that a naughty like you would want the naked lady from mud flaps displayed across your gargantuan… i mean, on the front of tank top.

Well Hilde, I’ve been inspired. I thought of something to put on the BACK of the tank…



[size=7][color=red] R O F L:rofling: [/color] [/size]

you’ll have to get one of those beeping things to warn people when you back up (or just for regular walking, I guess).

i would like to get in on the knit along also, i have never been a part of one before, and im still a fairly new knitter. This would be the first thing for myself and my first tank/sweater. sooooo im very excited :happydance:

I found a tank pattern that may suit me. I’m in. It’s from Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 2004. It’s knit in two pieces and then sewn together at the sides/shoulders. It has a lot of coverage for my, uh, frame, shall we say?

I found some tanks that might work for a toddler:

Funky Tank Top

Kerrie’s Place (has 3 cute patterns)

Sugar Top (no photo)

Hope one of these will work!

i’m thinking of the honeymoon cami off of I think it will be a challenge for me…i just hope im able to finish it before winter :lol:

FYI: I saw Knit 'n Style magazine in the grocer’s today. It has a couple cute tanks in it.

I am the genius that posted as “guest” in this thread. I think I was on the university computer system and it made me use my secret identity.
[size=2][/size]One never knows what lurks in the shadows…[size=2][/size]

I found some tanks that might work for a toddler:

Funky Tank Top

Kerrie’s Place (has 3 cute patterns)

Sugar Top (no photo)

Hope one of these will work![/quote]

thanks gardenia for the links. I am unsure which one I will use, I might just do a combination of both and my own personal touch. Thanks again.

Don’t forget, you can add something “knotty” to your tank top and join in the KH challenge KAL! hint hint :thumbsup:

Is there a start date for this knit-a-long? I’m still thinking about the mud-flap girl tank, but I’m worried about adding the design – it will be my first experiment with color :?? All right…I’m also worried about how my twinkie shaped arms will look in the tank!!!