Summer Swing Top

I cast on the Summer Swing Top for my niece’s birthday in October…size 2.

I think Julie knit it before, but just in case, Ill ask my question here…

Does anyone think that if I add an extra row in between each decrease row that I can make it more like a Summer Swing Sundress? Will that make the angle of the skirt part too wonky? Should I add TWO rows before each decrease?

And, yes, I realize that summer is almost over, but it seems to be staying warm here well into October, and anyway, with the stretchy ribbing at the top, she should be able to wear it next year, too, Im hoping.

I would figure out how many rows per inch you get, decide how much longer you want it to be and then equally divide those extra rows between the decreases. I’m aware that this will require math, however.

Wouldnt adding a row or 2 in between do pretty much the same thing, but without the math? :shifty:

Yes, but will it be enough or too much?

OH, you and your LOGIC. :mad:

Wing it and see if it turns out to be a minidress or an evening gown!

Oh, you’re RIGHT…I KNOW you are…but, you’ve GOT to know how much I hate math when it makes me speak to a friend like Im a SNOTFACE. :oops:

I didn’t take offense. I AM logical.

OK there are 6 1/2 rounds per inch and there are 4 dec rounds.

How many inches longer do you want it to be?

for 4" you would need to add 26 rounds, so if you put in 7 extra rounds in the first section and 6 in 3 the sections between the decreases, it will be 4 inches (about) longer.


You are MOST AWESOME! :notworthy:

Im glad I measured, anyway…my st count is right on, but Im knitting fewer rows per inch than the pattern calls for…

I will most definitely take your advice!

:rofling: I thought by looking at the subject you had found a pattern to make a top for your swing I was like ummm… how well would that work if it rained?? :rollseyes:

That is soooo cute can’t wait to see it when ya have it done :smiley:

I made this one. There wouldn’t be any problem lengthening the skirt. You could even add a larger decrease row at the bottom (beginning) of it. I would make sure that the eyelet rows are evenly spaced. The other thing is to measure your victim and keep careful watch over how long you end up making the bodice. Divine Miss Em will be wearing it this winter over a turtleneck. What color are you making? What yarn are you using?

OH SARA it was YOUUUUU! :mrgreen:

Im using KP Shine in Apricot.

I added just a few rows, the same number, between each dc row. Should end up just 2 or so ins longer.

I wasnt planning on lengthening the bodice part…or, did you mean to say the pattern itself may make it too long?

The pattern turned out to be a little too long for Em’s torso. There’s more space under the arms than I really like. She is incredibly slender, though. It may be more her than the pattern, but you might want to measure from the natural waist to the underarm to gauge how long you really want to make the bodice. I love the peach color! I may make one into a dress for Em next summer. The pattern is so easy and those eyelets are really cute!

Oh…Im not too worried, then…Ella is nice and CHUNKY! :roflhard: She was 10 3/4 pounds at BIRTH! :lol:

Im just so excited because I can imagine this being a pattern that she can wear for a couple of years…the ribbing makes the top part nice & stretchy, and it might be a dress now and a top later…she can wear it with a Tshirt or turtleneck under it for Spring or Fall, etc etc etc!

These are the things you NEED in a pattern for kids who grow so quickly!

I think it would be really cute over a turtleneck and stretch pants and a pretty pair of Mary Janes.

It SO would!!