Summer Lace Cardigan

Hi, I am knitting the above pattern, size M. It is free on Ravelry through a link to ABC Knitting Patterns I am a bit confused with the instructions for the raglan sleeves. The pattern says to knit the sleeve chart through line 34 and then continue as established without increases. But it also says to knit the back and front(s) through line 50 of their charts which obviously means I will be continuing the increases on the fronts and back. Does this mean that I no longer do the yarn over before starting and finishing the sleeve section? Won’t that make the raglan “seam” lopsided as there will only be a y/o on the fronts and back but not one the sleeves? That doesn’t make sense to me, I think it would look weird but don’t want to continue knitting to find out. Thanks in advance. Bonnie

There are sometimes patterns which have different directions for yoke increases between sleeves and body of the sweater. You might measure the sleeves after row 34 and see if you like the width and if it will work around your arm as the sleeve continues. If it’s ok, then stop the increases. If you’d like a fuller sleeve, work some more increase rows until you’re happy with the size.
These rows without the increases will be in the lower part of the sleeve nearest the underarm so they won’t be as obvious as increases near the neckline.

Lovely, delicate pattern stitch. Thank you for the pattern link.

Good idea, thank you!! I did just that, continued the sleeve increases a few more rows and I think I’ll be glad I did. I dont have large arms but they would have been quite snug. This is not the best pattern I have ever worked with. Some of the chart rows show a stitch where there should be an ssk or k2tog symbol. And, now that I have divided for the sleeves, I found another issue. The right and left fronts are charted opposite so now when reach the back stitches I have to switch from the k2, y/o,ssk to the k2,k2 tog y/o! Haven’t quite figured this one out yet.

See which you think looks best. It’s a good thing this cardigan is so pretty because it sure is a test of persistence and inventiveness!

I’ve considered this pattern several times. Please let me know how it turns out

Actually, I’m just about ready to give up on it and rip it all out!! :frowning: I finally got to the point of dividing the sleeves but there is no way (that I can figure out) to line up the lace pattern. I don’t see any sort of “side seam” on any of the pics of finished projects and it seems like you should be able to just transition from the front to the back. The problem is that the left front chart starts with the k2 yo ssk and the back starts with k2 k2tog yo. So when you join the left front to the back, the pattern does not work, even with the stitches you add. Take a look at row 4 of the left front and back charts and you will see what I mean. It wasn’t an issue until the raglans were completed. Any feedback here is most appreciated. Did I miss something?

Yes, I see the problem. The fronts and back aren’t in register as you knit across the joined cardigan. What if you place a marker at each underarm and pretend it’s a side seam. Work across the right front, change to the back pattern and then change again for the left front. I’m not sure that would be very noticeable and even if it is, it’s occurring a the faux side seam.

Do you mean one or two stitches that would divide the front and back? I tried just transitioning from the first st pattern to the second, but it isn’t working. I’m falling out of love with this sweater.

It works OK but it glares out at me. I don’t think I would wear it if I finished it.

That’s the ultimate test. Others may not notice but if you’re not happy, that’s it. It’s a shame really as it is a lovely cardigan. Too bad the pattern isn’t just as lovely.

There are charts from someone who has made the sweater to help with the increases but it doesn’t look like they cover the join of back to the 2 fronts.

You could send a message to one of the knitters on Ravelry who has completed the cardigan to see what they did for the body of the sweater. It’s a last ditch effort that you may or may not be up for.

Thanks for all your of help. I did look at some of the others notes but no one mentioned this issue. I think I’ll just put it away for a while.