Summer handbag?

I’d like to knit a summer handbag for myself. Not a beach bag but a hand bag that is pretty enough to use every day. Does anyone have any recomendations? I’d like it to have plastic or wooden handles. It needs to be medium size. I just wondered if anyone “knew” of one that they made or hope to knit. :XX: I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

Here’s the Booga Bag, which is very easy to make.

Here’s a larger Booga Bag.

A Felted Bag

A Piano Purse

Handle Purses

Sparkly Bag

Knitting Tote

Here are some cute bags too

Thank you ladies…I’ll take a look!! :XX: :XX:

I’m experimenting, basing the design on the Sophie bag from Magknits. Knitting it out of mason’s twine from Home Depot in white. So far, it kind of looks like a crocheted bag… about an inch from the top I switched to garter stitch on the “sides” which will be the strap. I’ve put the strap stitches on holders for now to make a flap in stockinette, and plan to pick up the strap stitches and make a garter stitch shoulder-length strap to be finished with a 3-needle BO when it’s long enough to suit me. Should be light and summery plus nearly indestructible! :rofling:

Here’s a nice (free) Chunky Cable Purse at KnitPicks.