Summer FO

This is Stefanie Japel’s pattern for the Alexandra Ballerina top from Fitted Knits. There are some flaws in one of the cables. I didn’t check the errata until I found a really glaring pattern error. Shame one me! I really didn’t want to frog the whole thing and start over, which is what I would have had to do to correct the cables. I love the color, though.

Wonderful work, Bambi!

It’s beautiful! I love the color!

It IS beautiful~and now you’ll know if you ever knit another one.

Amen, Deb! I’ll also know to check pattern errata of books before starting. :aww:

Beautiful! I love the color. I don’t really see the error in the cables. I think it’s fabulous.

Gorgeous!!! You’re the only one who’ll know it has “flaws.” :slight_smile:

the flaws are not visible …its nice n beautiful color

It looks great! I like the sleeves alot :thumbsup: Color is so pretty :slight_smile:

Looks terrific!

Looks nice. If you have to tell people there is a mistake and they have to hunt for it and have a hard time finding what it is you are talking about it isn’t all that bad. Cute.

:cheering: Looks great to me. I don’t see flaws, but if they’re there, then they give it character! Love the color too. :cheering:

Bambi, this sweater looks great and the color is absolutely wonderful!