Summer Chevron-SOS

For the last few days, I’ve been knitting on the Summer Chevron from “More Big Girl Knits,” and something is seriously wrong. I’m finished except for seven rows of ribbing, and the sleeves, and it’s way too short. It’s not a matter of just adding a few rows, it’s WAY short. It barely covers my chest, so there is no way 7 rows of ribbing is going to bring the length down to my waist. And I have lots of yarn left over. I’ve gone through the pattern over and over, and I just can’t see what I did wrong. After each step, I counted my stitches, to make sure I had the right amount, and I do.
I had a feeling, as I was knitting, that it was going to be too short, but I was trying to just trust the pattern, since I have almost no experience making garments. I’m very disappointed, because this is only the third sweater I’ve ever made, and the only one I’ve ever attempted for myself. I finally got up enough nerve to measure myself, something that I’d been putting off because of self esteem issues. My husband bought me the yarn for my B-day, and I was Really excited about the colors I chose. Now I don’t know what to do. I want the shirt so much, but I’m starting to think I just am not capable of making a sweater. I’m posting pictures just to show how pretty it COULD have been.:cry:
Has anyone else made this sweater? What was your experience?

Looking at these pics from Ravelry, it doesn’t look like your bands of color are wide enough…? maybe??

Ok I just searched ravelry for this sweater and apparently everyone in the Big Girl Knits forum had gauge issues. Even using the yarn called for in the pattern. the way people worked around it was one of 2 ways, either changing the needle size or just continuing the last color until the desired length before starting the ribbing. Another continued the chevron pattern in the desired length before the ribbing. Oh and ignore the row gauge. I hope this helps.

So this was no way your fault. EVERYONE had issues.

Frustrating to have a pattern that’s so badly in error.
But to me it looks just as pretty with the narrower bands of color.
Try it on and see if the armholes are large enough.
If so, can’t you simply knit downward until it’s as long as you want it, then do the ribbing?

The armholes are fine. I think I may just continue knitting around until its the lenth I want. Thanks for helping me. I’m a member of ravelry, but I guess I don’t know how to use it, because I couldn’t find all that useful info that ya’ll found. Thanks.:hug:

I’m a member of ravelry, but I guess I don’t know how to use it, because I couldn’t find all that useful info that ya’ll found.

You can search for the pattern. Rav will show you how many have done the patt. You can then read the comments by fellow Rav members for their respective ‘Project.’