Hi all,

Has anyone ever used this yarn? I went to a store today turned around and saw they had a yarn shelf. Went over to investigate in hopes that it wasn’t more acrylic… 99% of the shelf was that stuff but I found that yarn there. It didn’t feel too badly - way better than the Red Heart stuff (can’t figure out what I would knit with it!) so since its 51% cotton and 49% acrylic I thought it might be worth knitting something with it. The trouble is what do I knit with it if I buy it? :thinking: Any suggestions? I’m about to finish my cardigan (now on the other sleeve) and the yarn for the other lacey tank from my previous posts hasn’t arrived yet :frowning: . While I’m at it asking questions (what’s new LOL!) I’m going to have some of this yarn left over after the cardi is done (I’m a loose knitter and I do think I got the gauge wrong… still coming out ok though. I think) What would be a good project for it? Socks do you think?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Cotton Plus is great for kids’ clothes…tanks, all sorts of things. I just knit several tops for my gd with this yarn, it was the 1st time that I used it and I was happy with the results.

As for your leftover yarn, how much do you expect to have?

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks for taking the time out to answer me! Thanks for the suggestions on the yarn. As for the Austermann… I’m thinking about 7.5 skeins (50 gram) left over.