Suggestions please

My mother suggsted I make randmother a pair of socks…long story she doesn’t talk to us but we still want hr too…anyway I have LOVELY knitpicks yarn in Arabian Night and I want to do something for her with it…Wht is a good sock pattern. I’ve only done the Silver’s Tutorias ones and I want something differnt but not drive me crazy w/ a pattern type if that makes sense? She lives in KS and this would be a b’day/xmas gft since the two are right together…HELP :hug:

Oh yeah I prefer doing socks on dpn’s cause magic loop still drives me crazy :slight_smile:

Hi! :waving:

I LOVE hand-knit socks, both to wear myself and to give as gifts! It’s an awesome gift, even for someone who doesn’t really know about hand-knit socks. They get the idea really quick once they wear them!

Just a couple of suggestions - Superwash wool is usually a good choice, especially with the hectic schedules most folks have today. Hand knit socks will last for years if they’re taken care of properly and hand-washing them might be outside the reality of some folks. Also, a percentage of nylon will help prevent wear and tear at heels and toes. Otherwise, Jawohl has a great selection of reinforcing yarn in lots of colors that can be knit right in with the yarn you’re using and it will add lots of strength to your finished pieces. I use it only for heels and toes so one little 45 yard spool goes a long way for me.

If you’re new to sock knitting then I’d strongly suggest Ann Budd’s book “Getting Started Knitting Socks”. It’s totally terrific and the instructions are shown with DPN’s, which you’ll be able to use comfortably. Also, there’s a lot of basic information that will help you perfect your sock knittng skills! One particular thing is her instructions for the Old Norwegian Cast on. It’s marvelous and you never have a too-tight cast on to ruin a beautiful sock!

Good luck and keep us all posted on how you’re doing.

Happy sock knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

PS - I LOVE that Arabian Nights yarn. It’s GORGEOUS!