Suggestions on Sock Yarn from Knit Picks

Does any body have a favorite sock yarn from Knit Picks that I could try? I ordered their DP needles and love them. Had been sold on Crystal Palace but these from KP are giving them a run for their money!! Thanks!!!

Im in the process of using some Memories for socks. They look pretty good I think.

I havent tried their new sock yarns…but Ive got a TON of Palette that I might use too.

I really like the Memories too, but it is not superwash. :frowning: I haven’t tried any of their other sock yarns.

I’m currently knitting a pair using the Dancing yarn. I like it enough. My next pair will be using the Memories yarn. (I have several skeins and I think the socks will come out very nicely :))
I’ll soon be ordering some of the Palette yarn in the beautiful Heather and Autumn colors.

Memories is nice, but it’s not superwash and it’s really thick for a fingering weight yarn.

Essential is a good, sturdy, workhorse sock yarn. It’s a good one to use for socks that will get a lot of wear.

Palette is really rough. I couldn’t stand to even touch it, it’s MUCH rougher than WOTA.

Gloss is fantastic. The silk content adds strength and a beautiful sheen to the yarn.This yarn is REALLY soft.

:heart:I’ve used memories and it’s really pretty, but a bit rough. I am currently using Essential in the red color, it seems super soft and knits nicely. I also just got their sock dpn set and love it

My favorite is Essential and Essential Tweed, but I ordered some Palette that I [I]might[/I] use for socks.

I agree about Palette, it is rough. And a bit ‘splitty’. I’m currently finishing a pair of socks with one color of Palette. I have another couple of balls of the stuff in a diff color for another pair of socks. I guess since I have it, I’ll go ahead and knit them up. I’m hoping that they won’t be as rough in the wearing and that perhaps they’ll soften a bit with repeated washing. We’ll see.

I’ve also got some Essential to make up into a pair of socks. I may go to that next before I do the second set of Palette socks.

So many yarns, so little time…