Suggestions for ladies top down sweater pattern

I recently acquired some wonderful hand dyed wool which I would like to knit into a sweater for my wife. It’s fairly chunky (6mm needles are what I would like to use) and having just knitted a sweater bottom up I would like to try a top down one next. The wool is so nice I think a plain stockinette would show it off best. I was thinking of perhaps a raglan with a round neck? Any suggestions for pattern/set of instructions?

Both the yarn and the gift sound lovely. Have you tried an advanced search on Ravelry. You can specify top down, needle size, amount of yarn, etc. The site is down at the moment but I initially came up with several pages of patterns.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried the search you recommended and think I have found something suitable. I have also discovered there there are some instructions in a book I have. One attraction of this top down method is that it can be tried on as it progresses.

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