Suggestions for evening bag

My son’s prom is coming up next month. His gf dress is a beautiful blue/purple with silver rhinestones on the bodice. I’d like to make her a small evening bag for the event. Going thru my stash, I’ve found Aunt Lydia’s classic crochet thread in black. I can’t crochet so I need a knitting pattern. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

I can’t find anything free (or any really) with yarn that weight. Maybe you could just do a little pouch type bag with a ribbon drawstring? :think:

The pattern finder on Joanne’s website has some nice evening bag patterns:;jsessionid=ZWJBHSK5QQEUYP4SY5LVAFJ50LD3UUPU?CATID=cat3593

In the craft box select “knit” and in the box below that, choose “purse/handbag/backpack” (and if you like, choose what type of yarn and skill level you want). You might need to use some other type of yarn or modify a pattern with different yarn to use your thread.

You can always double or triple the crochet thread. I have made several ring barer pillows for weddings using crochet cotton, doubled. You can choose almost any stitch pattern, knit a 5 or 6 inch wide rectangle long enough to double with a "flap, seam the two sides and put a little “bling” button on the front of the flap. If you use an open pattern, it would be really pretty lined with the blue/purple color of her dress.

Thanks for the ideas! I’ve got time to figure something out.:muah: