Suggestion wanted Re Ripple

Summer is past and out come the knitting needles.
The ripple afghan I enjoy making as a quick knit between other things, but, I cannot find any patterns for a thick or bulky pattern with larger needles.
With winter coming I enjoy giving the heavier afghans . suggestion welcomed, and I only have the common yarns available, such as Bernat or Red Heart. Very poor yarn stores here.

Look at the patterns for Homespun on the Lion yarn website. You don’t need to use the same yarn, another bulky weight will work fine.

If you’re on Ravelry you can put in the parameters you want and find lots of patterns, too. Also check the Bernat site as well as Lion Brand.

You didn’t say what type of pattern you’re looking for, but here’s a few bulky ones.

Thank you for the links and will check them out…I was thinking of the Ripple pattern but thicker yarn not using a fine yarn, cozy for winter months as gifts.

Sure, you can do a Ripple pattern with heavier yarn, just don’t use as many stitches.

Wonderful, for an adult size bulkier ripple could you suggest how many to cast on?
Getting excited as winter is coming sooner than one wants to even think about.

It depends on your gauge with the yarn and needles you’re going to use. Multiply the sts/inch times the width and adjust up or down to the stitch multiple of the pattern. You can use the same pattern as the ones you’ve been doing, just take out 2 or 3 of the pattern repeats for less stitches.

I have the booklet called “The Prayer Shawl Ministry” and it has a pattern for a ripple throw made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. and size 13 needles. It says to cast on 124 sts.

HTH, knitcindy
(you could always look for this book in a yarn shop or on