Suggestion for Scarf Ends?

The scarves I knitted in the past have fringes on the ends, and I thought I’d like to do someting fringeless this time. Any suggestions?

I browsed Ravelry, but most seem to not have pictures of the ends of the scarves, just the main pattern.

What little I did see seem to have either nothing or a garter stitch.

I was considering a moss or seed stitch, but I suppose I could go with a simple garter.

Any other suggestions? Should I stick with the fringe or just leave it alone and do nothing? :slight_smile:

Here is an unblocked example of the scarf my son has now:

(It’s much nicer now that it has been “stretched”, but I haven’t taken any pictures.)

I’m planning to use the same pattern, but make it wider and in navy blue, with a different edge, rather than the fringe. Or maybe nothing at all – I’ve seen this design done without any embellishment and it seems to be okay, just plain. :shrug:


If you crochet, and the scarf is for a female, you could try doing a picot crochet pattern.

Just do the picot into the cast on and bound off edges.

If it’s for a male, I think a garter stitch or moss stitch edge would look nice.

Seed stitch is nice, too.

I’m not a huge fan of fringed edges on blankets or scraves so I just bind off in pattern and leave it as is…IMHO it lets the design of the scarf speak for itself.


In other words, whatever I want to do is perfectly acceptable. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for DH to finish the swift that he has started a few weeks back – he’s at the part where he needs to sand it – and I’m reluctant to roll my hank until he finishes it. If I wait much longer, though, it will be next winter before it’s done. :knitting:

This is a new scarf for DS – he’s getting bigger and his favorite color isn’t yellow any more. I’m thinking I can make him a couple of scarves, give the butter yellow one to his sister, and then they’ll both have one to wear and one to wash. :wink:

Maybe I’ll practice the seed stitch onto some stash yarn while I’m waiting and see what I think of it – I’ve never actually knitted that stitch before, but I like the idea of having “ends” on the scarf. If I don’t like to do it or if it seems like too much work :lol: then I’ll just do it plain.

Thanks for all the opinions! :thumbsup:

"In other words, whatever I want to do is perfectly acceptable. "

Exactly! It’s all a matter of taste–YOUR taste. Do what makes YOU happy.

I do a little bit of everything–pattern with no edging at all, fringe, seed stitch…They all look just fine. I’ve seen some patterns that incorporate a lace pattern into the ends…might try one of those next.

You can do nothing, or a 1001 things.

there are books --classically Nicky Epsteins set of books,
[U][B]knitting On the Edge[/B][/U]
[U]Knitting Over the Edge [/U]and
[B][U]Knitting Beyond the Edge [/U][/B]

that have, in each book, over 350 ideas for edge treatments
(which means over 1000 ideas in the set!)

knit balls (large bobbles or knit in the round balls stuffed with polyfill or roving) are a fun edge… and so are knit “curly Q’s”

but those are my favorites…

there are ideas for edging in almost any stitch collection, too.
Ms Epsteins books are just the DELUXE collection --all edging!

Hi, Katie! :waving:

About edging your scarves - check through some stitch dictionaries and find a pattern stitch you like. Then use an inch or even several inches of it for the borders of your scarf! You could make some really unique designs that way.

How custom is THAT! :slight_smile:

Happy Knitting, :hug:

Ruthie :knitting:

There are also a lot of patterns for various edgings on Knitting Pattern Central.

Thanks again for the encouragement! :yay:

There are so many great patterns out there that I thought maybe somebody else had some ideas they’d already tried out and would be willing to share. :knitting:

I have a question for you TROY…how do you “weave in your ends”? Please check out the other post regarding Dup stitch on purl side…and see my question Thank you Cheley:hug: