Sugar N' Cream

Local Michael’s seems to have Sugar n Cream yarn for (!) 5 for $5. I bought one before, a striped variety, haven’t knitted with it yet. I’d probably use the yarn to knit dishcloths…is it ok for that purpose or is it not worth buying at all?

That is what I use it for. You could also do potholders, hot pads, face cloths or coasters.

ORLY :D. Ok it’s 4 for $5 oops, still, that’s a measly $1.25 per ball. Cheap! I <3 me some Michael’s.

Yep, great for dishcloths, oven mitts, hot pads. I think it is too stiff for clothing. But that could just be my preference.

I made some pretty double knit (knit on both sides) hot pads in a wave pattern. If I can talk my husband into helping me figure out the camera & how to attach pictures, I’ll post them. I soooooo not technically inclined.

I picked up some Sugar’n Cream a month or so ago. I’m making some washcloths for my daughter to take to camp, because no one else will claim anything that shade of green. :teehee:

It does soften up after you knit it and with washing. I’ve made some summer tops with it, but at a larger gauge so it’s not so heavy. It works fine for that, and for things like baby blankets and sweaters too.

One of my dishcloths is done in stockinette (done while trying to learn tension). Its actually quite soft and pliable. I could imagine it in a summer tank top.

Bought 4 from Michael’s:

Summer Splash
Pretty Pastels
Hot Purple
Country Stripes


I used it for my first baby cardi, my friend Meech is loving it on her little one :o)

Personally I prefer not to use it for anything really, but if I was going to I’d use it for dishcloths only. I don’t think I’d use it for hotpads because it doesn’t seem insulating enough, but some people have and it seemed to be okay.

I’ve made some washcloths with this too and it holds up well. Just remember that it shrinks and make your item larger than you wish it to be. I just saw a pattern for a tank top I want to make for a friend and am trying to decide how much bigger I want to make it so it will fit after washing.

I didn’t like it because I felt like the dishcloth got stinky quicker because the yarn is heavy and it doesn’t dry fast. I use Tahki Cotton Classic. The yarn is a little lighter weight and the colors stay beautiful unlike S and C.

Might just be me though that likes pretty dishcloths. :teehee:

Enabler. :rofl:

:lol: Oops…my bad. But look at all those pretty colors!:shifty:

I did…soooo pretty :drool:

:teehee: Sugar and Cream is inexpensive and certainly good to learn on though and some people [I]do[/I] like it.

Also great for crocheted bags. I’ve done a few and it holds up very well. Here are some links to the bags I’ve made with it or similar cotton…

My original design: Itty Bitty Anything Bag

Awesome large pink tote bag with beads

Mini Duffel with colorful bits

Girlie bag for my little bag lady

Also a really cute crocheted pin cushion

and lots of floor duster covers

Whew! I guess I was on quite a cotton kick there for a while! I love working with it as you can tell!



Everyone says this yarn shrinks, but I haven’t found that at all. My tops and bags stretch with use, but then go back to the original size I knit them at.

Wowza! :muah: