Sugar & Cream vs. Peaches & cream

Is this the same yarn (basically)? Also, would you all say that as far as yardage and gage would you say that a ball of peaches & cream is the same as a ball of knitpicks shine worsted? I may be ordering a bunch of it from knitpicks but am trying to find something cheap that will knit up the same I can use to tell how much to order for my project (hope that made sense). P&C seems to be the same weight and is 100% cotton just like shine worsted (although not as soft or I would consider just using it instead). I’m just not sure about the yardage per ball as it’s not on the package.

Here is what has on Sugar & Cream. You can check out the yardages on the other yarns there, too.

Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream have about the same yardage, at least based on the dishcloths I’ve done. I prefer Peaches & Cream, but I’ve never used Shine.