Substitution question

I know I know…you guys are going to tell me to swatch this yarn in order to answer my question but I just don’t feel like it right now…so here’s my dilema…see if you have advice w/o me swatching first…(give a pregnant lady a break, ok?!? LOL)

I want to do this hat for a girl at church who is having a baby boy so I went out and bought the yarn today…I don’t have a 16 inch circ in the right size (or any size for that matter…) but I have dpns that’ll work just ask well…I got home and realized that yarn I purchased is dk and the pattern calls for worsted. The pattern is sized for a 0-6 month old baby…it needs to be a 4-6 month size b/c the baby is due this month and we live in GA so it’ll likely be Nov. before he can wear it…how can I substitute this to make it work w/o buying new yarn? I’ve never done fair isle so I’m a little afraid to change the pattern much…would it work if I just added 8 stitches to the pattern since the fair isle design is an 8 stitch pattern? If I did that, should I use a smaller needle or stay the same size? I don’t want it to be too large…any advice???

Keep in mind that w/o swatching there are no guarantees!

Normally, I would say to just c/o more stitches. Those little roll brim hats are so easy. However, with the fair isle you will need to know how many stitches are in the pattern and increase accordingly. It looks like it’s a multiple of 8 so you should be able to increase like that. :thinking:

Ingrid will probably know more about this though. :thinking:

Thanks Jan–I know there are no guarantees w/o swatching but I figure I’ve got a little room to play with such a wide fitting range. I will likely increase by 8 stitches and then drop down a needle size, I guess. Hopefully in the end it’ll turn out about the same. I don’t mind swatching, but at 10:00 last night…it was the last thing on my mind! LOL! I’ve seen the conversion chart on this page but I wasn’t sure it’d work out b/c of the fair isle design. I think in the end I’m better off to increase by the eight stitches and let it fly–I think if I follow the formula on that web page I’m going to get an increase of about 4 stitches but that will throw off the fair isle pattern. Anyway–thanks for the help…I’m off to the lake in about an hour and if I can talk dh into driving…I’m going to play with it on the way.

I think that would work–once you get it cast on and work a few rows, you can stretch it out and measure it to see if, well, “Eight is Enough”. :rollseyes:
Sorry! :shifty:

I would look at what the guage is on each package and do the math. If you knit pretty close to guage that should be ok. If not then fudge a little.