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Hi. I am new to knittinghelp. Someone gave me 9 skeins of 100% pure new wool. Each skein is 100g. I was thinking of making a blanket but most of the patterns called for Worsted weight yarn. Can I use the pure wool instead? Do I have to make adjustments?

Welcome to the forum. What yarn do you have? The name of it would hopefully allow us to find the needed info to help you. Does it have a weight class listed in a number or say dk or something? If the yarn is thinner then you’ll either need more stitches or have a smaller blanket.

It is Patons, Classic wool Merino. The only weight I see is: Net wt. 3.5oz/100g. Does that help?

Yes! That’s exactly what’s needed. This is worsted weight yarn so a pattern written for worsted should be fine. Be aware that this is hand wash only and a blanket could be difficult to wash and lay flat to dry.

Unless you want the blanket (or you’re making something fitted where size/gauge is critical) to be a certain size, then you wouldn’t necessarily need to make any adjustments for the difference in yarn.
Enjoy your yarn gift - I quite like Patons!

I agree with GrumpyGramma — it will be very difficult to dry the blanket. Can you think of something else you could make with this yarn?

Could it be dried cleaned instead?

I don’t know. This is what the label says:
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash
Colour: Solid color, Variegated
Dye: Machine dyed
Ply: 3-ply

If you follow the link GrumpyGramma gave for the yarn there is a “yarn care” tab for information. It says do not dry clean.

I’ve seen a huge number of blanket patterns made with yarn that is hand wash only, I have always wondered how people manage to clean them, the size and weight of a wet blanket would be very difficult to handle I imagine, plus avoiding wringing, twisting and squeezing… well it would be very wet and pull out of shape just with its own weight wouldn’t it? It’s hard enough hand washing a sweater and trying not to let its weight when wet drag it out of shape.

I’m thinking large blanket though, maybe if you wanted to make a baby blanket or lap blanket it wouldn’t be such an ordeal.

There are some Patons patterns for blankets using this yarn…here’s one…

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I’m thinking that 9 skeins of worsted weight 100g wool won’t be making a huge blanket - about the same as a sweater weight in total.
I prefer non super wash wool. I hand wash by soaking in tepid water in a large sink or bath. Drain and squeeze out the water. Then give it a slow spin in the washing machine, either in a wool wash bag or wrapped in a large towel. I find it pretty manageable.
If you’re in the UK, this is the one I use