Substituting DK for Worsted

If I wanted to use DK for a pattern that calls for worsted weight, would I need to go up a needle size (or 2)? Would I also need more yarn than what is called for with WW?


Dk is thinner, so you’d have to go up enough needle sizes to get the same gauge as the worsted. You might get a flimsy fabric, though. You could try it and see if you like it.

I’m not sure about the yardage requirements. :thinking:

You could also try doubling the DK and going up a needle size to get guage and to approximate the fabric you’d get with worsted. You would need a little less than double the yarn, in this case.

Or if you’re feeling really adventurous you could try this. :wink:

That is adventurous, knitqueen! Thanks for the link and thanks Ingrid and IrishBaby!

I have some real pretty cleckheaton country and I really want to make something with it (probably a hat) but I’ve been having trouble finding a pattern that I like and so many are WW. Guess I’ll keep looking!

If you’re just looking for a basic hat, you can use this formula. You can knit a hat with any gauge for any size.

Thanks Ingrid!! :smiley:

Thanks Ingrid! I printed off the hat “formula” pattern – that’s a handy pattern to have :smiley: