Substitute for Prism Angora Yarn



I want to make a scarf from ‘The Knitting Girls Guide to Simple Knits’ called ‘hole-in-one’ that uses Prism Angora 90 yds/ 1 oz ball. The weight is important because there will be a small hole where the other end of the scarf is pulled through. I don’t have a good yarn store near me and when I look online I see this yarn is discontinued. Can anyone recommend an alternative. I’m new to knitting and figuring out the weight is confusing. Thank you!


Welcome to KH!
Your pattern gauge is 14sts/4" and calls for a bulky yarn.

Prism angora is indeed discontinued and isn’t even listed on which is a good site for yarn substitution. These are as close as it comes.
You could try 2 strands of the Belangor held together which would be close to bulky weight.
Here’s also a handy chart for yarn weights, stitch counts and recommended needle sizes (your needles may vary).

If you’re not committed to 100% angora, you might consider some angora blends or bulky merino wool.


THANK YOU very much. That’s the scarf! If you knitted this did you modify it at all? I was thinking bulky might not work because the hole is so small. I will check this out.


Knitting should have a lot of ease and give to it so that you have a bit of forgiveness in regard to the size of the hole. Also, since it’s bulky yarn on probably fairly large needles it’s probably not a consideration.
Have you clicked on the “yarn ideas” tab at the top of the Ravelry page? It’ll show you yarns that others have used for this project.


Thanks so much. I learned so much this morning online at Yarnsub. I will check out Ravelry too.


I knitted with Angora one time. I will never ever do it again! It’s fuzzy and the stitches are hard to see to knit. The stitches stick to each other like glue. You’d better not make a mistake because frogging it is impossible.