Substitute for Noro Blossom

Hi Everyone!
I found a great pattern for the “Sideways Curly Fries Vest” which is done using Noro Blossom. Does anyone have a more affordable alternative to this yarn? I must admit I have never touched it in person but I have a feeling it is kind of awesome and nubby and full of texture. I need about 470 yards to make this vest for myself.

Yes, it is and it’s probably also itchy as all get out! I find all Noro that way though. :zombie: :teehee: It’s discontinued anyway … so you want wool or some other type of yarn as a substitute?

UGH! Well, I certainly won’t be able to stand anything too itchy so maybe some kind of blend…thanks.

The very best thing to do of course is to go to an LYS and feel the yarns for yourself. What is horribly itchy to one person may not be to another.

Anyway…what you are yarns with long color changes to get the striped effect. I haven’t tried any of these so look at the projects to see how it works up and what they say about it. Various yarn types here… I’m planning on trying the first one at some point.
Not sure what guage you need, but I thought of Patons SWS for longish color strips.

Gosh, all these great ideas! Thanks so much. I may have to take a ride to my LYS tomorrow and feel these yarns for myself. And I’ve got Michael’s up the street for the SWS, which I might use for the first vest since I can get it so easily.
Thanks for your help. You rock!

You know, I was thinking…two of those I suggested are not going to be any cheaper than Noro. Still thinking…:think:

Here are a few from elann that [I]might[/I] work. They don’t all match the texture exactly, but they have nice color changes that might actually give you something a little different but interesting.

(This one says size 8 needles, but I am knitting a scarf with this yarn right now, and size 8s gave me WAY too tight a gauge. I ended up using size 10s. It also has pretty generous yardage per skein and is pretty soft for 100% wool).

And here are some from Webs’ closeout pages:

You might have a look around those two sites and see if there’s anything else that catches your eye.

OK, so I went to all the links and those yarns are so awesome! My favorite was the Plymouth Outback for the striping but I’m so afraid that the Fiesta colorway is gonna be way too bright. UGH! I hate making decisions…still looking…

Argghh… my connection failed so I lost my post. :doh:

I was going to say that yarn came in other colors. It doesn’t look soft to me, but I’m super sensitive. I was looking for yarn for an entrelac class and I also found these. Worth checking out on Ravelry and yarn stores both online and retail.

Berroco Geode
Berroco Love It

OMG, that Geode looks gorgeous! I hope it’s not too pricey. I’m so poor right now and, frankly, have no business even THINKING of buying yarn. However, I’m just soooooooooooooo tired of buying my yarn in Michael’s and JoAnn’s. I wanna walk in a really awesome yarn store with just yarn in it and I wanna spend lots of money on just yarn.
Is that too much to ask? :tap:

Since there aren’t a lot of choices in the yarn type you want price will probably be an issue. I know how you feel. The Geode seems rather hard to find…maybe it’s new…?

You could make the vest for appx $40 based on the prices I’m seeing.

I didn’t think the Outback would be soft at all–I was really surprised when I got it and at how soft it’s knitting up. I’m pretty sensitive to wool too, and I’m still not sure I could wear it as a scarf on my bare neck, but it’s not bothering my hands. (I can’t knit mohair without wearing gloves!)