Subsequent rows

Hi I am tying to figure out what my pattern means by subsequent rows I am working an arm hole but I am stuck

See where it has no knit or purl it just says numbers! What do I do ty for your help

Not sure i understand where you are having difficulty?

Do you see where it says armholes row 1 rs got it
Next row wrong side k6 sm 38 (58,54,54) it doesn’t say to knit or purl or anything

If you are working in stockinette sts then my assumption would br to purl thr remaining sts on that row. You might want to ask @GrumpyGramma or @salmonmac monmac as they seem to be a little more verse in difficult instructions

We’re all happy to try to help.
What pattern are you following? Can you give us the name and designer or a pattern link please? Don’t print large portions of the pattern here (what you have given usq so far is fine).
I can’t read the entire line at the very top of the photo before the row instructions. Can you copy that out and tell us how many sts you have on the needles and the size you’re making?

I appreciate your confidence. It’s definitely warranted with salmonmac. She explains so well also. Sometimes I can do it but can’t explain it and often I have to work it to get it. I’d not hazard a guess without more info.

Thanks for the link. Exactly what’s hanging you up here? I expect salmonmac will be the one with the answer but I think even she might need more info. I’m guessing it’s that you’ll be working on only some of the stitches when shaping the armhole.

I wish the lace were charted. I don’t want to do it myself but would like to try this top-down. Oh, well.

OK under Armhole #1, the first WS row is K6 sm p38 or whatever the number of sts is for your size.
The RS row is k38 sm k6.
The next WS rows are k6 sm p38.
Basically just keep to stockinette stitch.

Thank you so so much I wasn’t sure but I thought that would be how it would go I just didn’t want to mess up

Not when you gotten this far in the lace pattern. The body of the back is stockenette but the border 6sts will be garter.

OK what did I do wrong??

There’s no way that can be a arm hole
And also what does she mean by cut yarn and re attach re attach where?

Once you bind off sts for the armhole, you’ll be working on the lower portion of the vest only. Don’t join the 2 sections on either side of the bound off gap. Work the rows for the lower portion and when you get to the “Cut yarn”, do that leaving about a 6" tail to weave in later.
Now you’ll work on the upper or shoulder portion of the vest. To do that you need to attach a new end of yarn and work a WS row. Once you’ve worked those rows there are directions to cast on sts for the other half of the armhole (look toward the bottom of the page).