Submitting to Knitty

I am thinking of submitting something to Knitty. I have an idea, that I haven’t seen anything like it in any of the knitting patterns I have searched through. I was just wondering if anyone here has submitted a pattern to Knitty – what kind of response did you have, etc.?

Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been thinking about submitting something too… I have a couple of my own designs in cue that I’d like to send in. So I haven’t got any useful info for you, but thought I’d say “luck!”

I myself have never submitted anything to Knitty – I am not a creative type of person. I am pleased to just be at the point where I can follow the directions! However, one of the young women who used to work with me (she is now back in grad school) submitted a hat she had designed, and it was selected. The design was really adorable. So I say “go for it.” You never know your efforts just might be chosen.