Subbing yarn

So here’s my situation. I’ve found a great hat pattern that I would love to make. The pattern calls for “super bulky” yarn. How would I go about subbing a lighter weight yarn, perhaps 2-3 strands of a DK weight? I’d go out and actually buy “super bulky” yarn, but I kinda want to use up the yarn I have if it’s possible.

You would hold the two or three strands of yarn together and knit with them held together.

Don’t forget to knit a guage swatch! You need to be sure that the yarn held together has the same guage or you might get a hat that doesn’t fit anyone and isn’t warm at all.

With the DK, you’d probably need about 3 strands. Knit up a sample and see how it compares to the pattern gauge.

I too need help with some yarn/needle substitution. I’m starting a sweater class next week.

I don’t have the pattern yet but we were instructed to bring 1300 yard of worsted weight yarn, 10.25 needles and the gauge should be 9 stitches/2".

I found a bulky weight yarn that I would like but I don’t know what size needles to use to get the gauge.

Can someone help?


You would try to get the 9sts/2" on the size 10.5 needles (there aren’t any 10.25) and the worsted weight yarn. With the bulky yarn, you might get it or it would be too big. What are you making - bulky yarn might not be suitable.