Sub yarn for Noro Silk Garden yarn?

I fell in LOVE :inlove: with this shawl! I asked the site owner what type of yarn she used, and she said Noro Silk Garden. While I think the yarn would be dreamy to use, unfortunately, mohair is quite itchy for me, even in very small proportions (and it’s nearly half the fiber content for this yarn). :verysad: Does anybody have any comparable yarn suggestions as far as drape and the beautiful striping? The gauge is 4½ stitches per inch, aran weight, needle size 7-8.

i saw one of those eleanor wraps done in karaoke instead of silk garden and it came out gorgeous! here is one in silk garden and here is one in karaoke, a more subtle colorway clearly. (i’m a huge fan of the mermaid mix myself.)

eta: photos borrowed from blogs… i hope that’s ok! full credit: karaoke lady eleanor stole can be found in greater detail here and the silk garden version belongs to this site ok i feel better. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! This is very pretty yarn…but may I ask (and maybe I should already know :oops: )–what is “soysilk” yarn?

it is a silk alternative made from the by-products of making tofu. it’s very soft like silk, but it has warmth to it, and a lovely drape. karaoke is a 50/50 blend of soysilk and wool so it felts too.

maybe Paton’s SWS would be ok for you

How about a 100% Merino Wool? However, you would be called upon to coordinate your own colors for the striping sequence. Fun!

I knit with NORO Silk Garden quite a lot, and it knits as a worsted weight, although it ‘looks like’ a DK weight in the skein.

[color=blue]Another idea:[/color] how about using same-qauge yarn leftovers ? Just start with a color til it runs out, and attach a new color using the “spit/splice” invisible technique, and carry on!