Stupid question on circulars

So if a pattern doesn’t tell you a length to use - do you use a length closest to the finished piece? I may have asked this before so I’m sorry for the repeat if I did. :??

I’d go more by your width of the finished piece than your length, although most patterns calling for circs should have a reccomendation. You can kinda guesstimate it… if you’re knitting up a hat that’s 20" around, you wouldn’t use a 24" circ. You can usually use a needle that’s too small, but never one that’s too big.

i would be a little curious about a pattern that can be done on circs that doesn’t tell you how long your circs should be. is it one that is being knit flat or actually in the round?

Struck me as weird, too!!! WAY weird!

Thanks - I meant width - but wrote length - it is too late for me.

I’ve seen a few patterns that are meant for straight needles that don’t necessarilly give a length for them.

I did label it as a stupid question! LOL!

Sooo, is the pattern meant to be knit in the round or flat?

how about this…is the pattern one you found online? mebbe we can figure it out if we knew exactly what it said.

That’ll work too!

[color=indigo]i think i know what she’s talking about. I’ve seen the same thing myself tonight-they were patterns for afghans but they only said the size and not the length. like 29" or 36" etc. [/color]

well that would indicate that any logical number would work (like you wouldn’t want to use 16" for an afghan) so if it is a pattern that is knit flat it probably doesn’t matter. if it is knit in the round though it will, obviously…

are they asking you to join the work?

I got one of those free patterns at the michaels - I don’t have it here but it is for a shawl.

Now it says to use size 17 needles but doesn’t say the length (note that I know I don’t have 17 in my circs - but I was going to buy the straights) -there are two lengths at the store - the pattern doesn’t say the length of the needle to buy.

The finished dimensions of the piece are 19X42. I think the long 17s were 25cm and the other was 16cm (If I remember correctly which I probably don’t.)

well i am too lazy to figure out how many inches that is but i would say for a shawl either a 24 inch or 32 inch lenght would work fairly easily. for the most part, the only time you really have to worry about the length of the circs is if you are doing something in the round that has to be fitted…ya know…no 32 inch circs for a hat. like i said, you wouldn’t really want to have to try to do a big ol’ afghan on 16 inch circs either because you would have a terrible time trying to keep the stitches on the needle. for a shawl though i don’t see why a 24 or 32 wouldn’t work.

i don’t really know anything about straight needles cuz i have never used them, except for the flex shaft bamboos.

Looking at my circs, you probably got the cm mixed up with the inches. I have a 60 cm circ here that is 24". 25 cm is about 10 inches, and 16 cm is about 6 inches. I would have to see the pattern, but if you are going to need the entire 42" on the needle, I would buy the longest circular I could find. And if I couldn’t find one long enough, I’d buy two. For something like this, I would want at least 30" of working room, so 2-24" {60 cm} circulars would be my choice.


Is the shawl knit in the round?