Stupid question, but

what does “k2tog around” mean?

:thinking: Are you using circular needles? Would it make sense for it to mean to keep knitting 2 stitches together as one all the way around your needle until you got back to your starting point?

It’s not a stupid question, we all have to learn sometime! It means to knit 2 stitches together all the way around. You insert your needle under the second stitch and pick up the first one at the same time and knit as usual. It’s a type of decrease so in this case you would be decreasing your stitches by half.

Here’s the abbreviation page that has links to some of the videos that might be helpful for you, too.
Abbreviation Page

so i’m only decreasing, not making holes? (do you only make holes when you do yo?)

right! :thumbsup:

cool beans. thanks!! :slight_smile: