Stupid (or not-so) Question:

Do I eat? or do I knit?

I have approximately 30 minutes before at least ONE of the kids wakes up from nap. I have used my time very wisely thus far and worked out and checked KH board. Now, I could spend the next 30 mins eating, which I haven’t done since last night. Or, I could knit.


knit one, two chew…

Knit. You can eat when the kids are awake. :rofling:

True… but I’d have to share. :rollseyes:

You’re telling me you haven’t learned how to eat AND knit yet??? For shame! I can’t believe you call yourself a knitter, tad pole! EAT AND KNIT LIKE YOU GOT A PAIR!



ditto…I agree with my knitsta :wink:

TY for your support, Rebecca. A good maggot is hard to find!

:wink: Ingrid

I managed to scarf (no pun intended) down a burrito and knit quite a few rounds on my TWO round projects going. So, I’m a happy girl.

And, no, I haven’t mastered the art of eating and knitting. I prefer to keep crumbs out of my projects.

OMG :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
I am so glad that i swallowed my tea before I got to that post

Sometimes it’s wise to keep a roll of paper towels next to the monitor!!

I would have to say knit, you can eat while they are awake :slight_smile:

AND, I think I forgot to welcome you, I am sorry, WELCOME Liz!! And that Willow is the most adorable child I could pull a KK on her cheeks! And your DH looks like he should be an actor, he’s very handsome and you are beautiful as well. Willow will be a real heartbreaker for sure when she gets older!

Deni, you’re a RIOT! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks ladies for this thread. I so needed that :roflhard: :roflhard: to wake me up. :thumbsup:

True… but I’d have to share. :rollseyes:[/quote]

:roflhard: At nap time I lay my two down (my oldest has quiet time means he can watch a little tv) eat something fast, straighten up, and then knit for an hour or so… cause if I do eat when they are awake I wouldn’t get a bit… :roflhard:

Dustinac, I have lost 10 lbs because I only eat when the kids are napping! :cheering: That’s the good thing about that!!! :lol:

:roflhard: ya know I have lost weight since knitting cause at night I would pick with my dh on anything junkie but since knitting it keeps my hands busy… Oh yeah between chasing them down and then not eating its a Mother’s Diet :lol:

Ever just had to have that bite of chocalote to get you through so ya sneek to the kitchen quietly get the twix out and quietly open it… ya don’t even hear it opening yourself but they do… and then there they stand with their little hands out??? LOL :shock:

Well, I’m lucky because I have a gate that blocks my kitchen off - but that’s not to say they’re not all standing at the gate whimpering and begging for a treat. It’s amazing how much kids consume! I swear they are eating CONSTANTLY! But, they’re very active little things and burn up a lot of energy. :lol:

LOL so true!! :roflhard:

Well, I certainly would have no earthly idea of how one would go about finding a good ‘maggot’…
and poo on u for calling me names…I’m :— absolutely crushed :verysad: