Stupid Cat!

I finally got the hat for my mom blocked last night and woke up this morning to find it coated in cat hair. Seems my cat likes sleeping on wet wool with needles poked in it! ARG!!! :wall: What is it with him. If he isn’t climbing through the tree he is sleeping on my blocked pieces. I spent an hour this morning de-fuzzing a partially dry hat.

My cat LOVES to lie down on whatever knitting project i’m working on. I don’t fight anymore, I just resign myself to using the roller on any finished projects. :lol:

Speaking of which, I just broke down and bought a fancy purple exercise outfit. I’d been wearing this black one, which I really liked, but it was SUCH a cat-hair magnet. I felt like a walking furball when I went to work out. :rollseyes: Now I’m cat-hair proof! :happydance:

I get strategic with my cats (very furry cats) I put colanders and stuff over my knitting blocking to avoid curious fuzzies. When I catch them in the act of trying to break in, I squirt them with a water bottle. I am SERIOUS about protecting my stuff. :shock:

My hand knit items are not complete without long black cat hairs.
It’s a bonus. :thumbsup:

My cat, too, hones in on anything knitted in wool or alpaca. She doesn’t dive for the acrylic as much. I left a wool sweater drying on it’s ‘rack’ and I was so afraid that she would decided to use it as a scratching post during the night because she was so interested in the smell. She’s still alive, so I don’t need to tell you that she was a good girl.

Amen to that lol.

I have to put my drying items in a closed room, otherwise I would have two feline friends trying to get at them! They seem to especially love felted things- they are kittens, but now they’ve grown too big to fit on a clog- they are not happy about it!

I block everything in the basement, where they can’t get in. My two furballs LOVE to sleep in my box of yarn. Like Amy, I’ve just given up and decided that the hairs are my own personal design feature.

My cats, too… what I want to know is how do they know it’s soft when they’re so soft and furry themselves?! :roflhard:

Howie tends to enjoy anything plastic in my knitting bag…he’s chewed up 2 row counters, and last night he got ahold of my chibi needle case! :mad:

I knew all of you would understand. My big boy has been going through some changes lately. He has suddenly become lovey dovey and wanting to be a lap kitty (he’s 18 months old and weighs about 20 lbs), has taken up sleeping with humans, and has even stopped chasing my 12 yo siamese/calico around. She’s a sweetie and loves to sleep on my lap under whatever I am knitting and doesn’t even get ruffled when I have to flip something large over and let in a draft. Prince Charming (yes; that’s his name) prefers to be on top of whatever I’m knitting. No matter how small. :roflhard:

I also have to put blocking things in a closed room or on a sweater rack to avoid the cats–one of them loves to “mash” knitted things and often ends up pulling out little bits of yarn! :shock:

Most of our cats live outside, and only come in to eat. But we have three 4 month old kittens inside with their mother and they are worse then kids. :shock:

The other day I was crocheting something and I set it down on our table. I turn around for a second, then turn back and the one kitten is dragging it upstairs! :shock:

The worst thing about it was that it was brown, and usually darker colors tend to attract more to cat or dog hair. :frowning:

My cats also like to take the balls of yarn all through the house. :rollseyes: I’ve delt with it for two years now. :rollseyes:

What is [size=6]UP[/size] with all these cats!!! :shock:

I have a sign in my kitchen… "In this house, cat hair is a condiment."
Mine likes to “Binky approve” all knitted items. It’s kinda cute, but sometimes a hasslt too.

My gal friend from works says her cat has taken money from her purse… came to her with a dollar in his mouth yesterday and a “free pop” bottle cap the day before… five claw discount i guess!


He takes money from her purse? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

One of mine has two fixations: my bras and tampons. She digs in the laundry basket for the bras, and she opens the cabinet under the sink to get the tampons.

Do you have any idea how horrifying it is to have company over and have this cat come parading through the living room, bra (or tampon) in mouth, and proceed directly to the guest to present the “welcome” present?!

I love her, but she has problems!

Granted the dollar was loose in her purse, but he stuck his head in there and dragged it out nonetheless…

and i guess it’s the “Riley that attacked Snow Village Land” at her house. he broke santa and knocked over the christmas tree lot vendor, breaking his legs (my friends husband found a tiny little broken hand with an itty bitty hatchet in the carpet :shock: )

My female steals too. She steals ANYTHING, it is all game to her and when you yell at her she talks back. She has taken rings, necklaces, a pair of bamboo circulars, finally found them under a loveseat. She has 2 toy boxes but nooooo she likes my hair accessories and I find them everywhere all soggy and wet. I have a doll collection and they are mostly all in curios now, but my older Julia is missing her nurse shoes and a vintage barbie is missing her cat eye sunglasses, found them chewed out behind the pool spa. She has been given a stern warning, and been yelled at and she simply runs away sassing me back and does it all over again. She loves to steal ,my halls I keep next to my bed, i reach for one and the bag is empty and all week long I see her batting them around the house.

That’s so funny!! My cat will empty the cough drops, too–jumps up wherever they are, reaches into the bag and knocks one to the floor. I find them scattered everywhere. She loves to play with lollypops, too–shoves them under the throw rugs and ‘hunts’ them down.

She’s never ‘stolen’ anything yet, though.

I was watching March of the Penguins tonight and discovered my wittlegirl kitty is a baby penguin. She has to be between my legs most all the time. She rarely isnt attached to me.