Stunning double knit coat!

If you’re on Ravelry check this out! Not only is it double knit so it’s completely reversible it’s gorgeous and it also fits! :thud:

I immediately thought of Artlady when I saw this, but I’m not sure if she double knits.

That’s amazing. ArtLady may start double knitting when she sees this!

Wow!! that sure is beautiful

Lovely and the hat is cool too

If any around here could do that, Art Lady would be the one up for the test.
And she would probably have it done in record time.

:thud:Wow that coat is wonderful and double knitted to boot.
Yes I would love to see Artlady make this one also. Her knit a longs are great, she does great details on how to’s.

I wonder if this is really heavy… :think: not that I’m going to try it mind you…just curious.

Ah, you’re so nice! Thanks for the votes of confidence! :hug:

It is a GREAT COAT…but alas, two-color knitting (such as Double Knitting and Fair Isle Knitting) drives me bonkers. I’ve tried Fair Isle, and additionally, simple two-color stranded knitting…and it’s the tension issue that drives me up-the-wall and over-the-cliff.

Being sorta OCD about surface appearance (RS)…if my stranding tension is off, and the RS is puckering, drawn or wonky…I’m :wall: and :hair: and :eyes: !!

With double knitting, I’d have two sides driving me :zombie: and :waah:!

I can’t remember seeing a more handsome coat and hat set!
They are truly KNITTED WORKS of ART!

Naw, this coat will have to be knit by a Fair Isle girl! Someone who already has her dk mojo goin’!

Wow, super coat! I’d try the hat first, in fact I always wanted to make a double knit hat but haven’t taken it on yet. That coat would be wonderful to wear for years!

Hi! :waving:

In my quest to learn how to knit socks with every conceivable method (double points, Magic Loop, Two at a time on one long needle, two at a time on two needles, etc.) I recently tackled double knitting.

I didn’t start out with socks, though, I tried it with Leg warmers first. That’s the method where you’re knitting two at a time, one inside the other.

It was awesome! After a few meltdowns, of course, I actually mastered it! At least for the leg warmers. I’ll try the socks next, though. Can’t wait!

Here’s the article describing it…

It was so worth the trip! Talk about EXTREME KNITTING! :woohoo:

Have fun and happy knitting!


Ruthie your link didn’t work right.

Hope this works better, Jan. If you decide to try this, let me know and I’ll share my discoveries with you. It’ll make it easier and save you some grief I think.

Ruthie :hug: