Stumped on a pattern

This is my first attempt at making something using a pattern and one of the instructions has me stumped. I have posted an image of the pattern and I underlined the part where I am stuck in red. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t read it. Why don’t you just type out that row…?

“Shape thumb gusset:
Place markers between stitches 17 and 18 and between stitches 19 and 20 (2 sts between markers).”

That is where I am stuck. You should be able to click on it and make the image full-size.

Used to be able to do that, don’t know why it won’t anymore. Ahh yes, opening it in a different window makes it enlargeable.

Anyway… Do just what it says - put a marker on the needle between st 17 and 18, and another between 19 and 20. So sts 18 and 19 will be between them. You don’t do anything to them this round, but will be increasing before/after the markers on the next several rounds for the thumb gusset, which makes room for the base of your thumb.

The (2 sts) part is only telling you how many sts are between the markers, so you’ll know you have it right.

Place one marker before stitch 18, and one marker after stitch 19. That will leave 2 stitches between markers. I’m with you, sometimes there a few too many words in the instructions, so it can be unclear when you’re beginning.